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Announcement on the resuming of BSC chain Dtoken asset exchange

November 30th, 2021

I. Background

At 6 PM, November 15th, 2021 GMT+9, CoinWind has resumed unaffected assets deposit and withdrawal of BSC chain. For the tokens that cannot be withdrawn temporarily, users will receive the corresponding amount of Dtoken and Ctoken (Dtoken is the only certificate to claim the affected asset). The only certificate).

At 10 PM, November 28th, 2021 GMT+8, BXH.COM officially resumed ratio of some residual values ​​of BSC chain assets. CoinWind has successively withdrawn some residual values ​​from BXH.COM. After the team’s internal discussion, we will start Dtoken claiming on November 30th.

II. BSC Chain Dtoken swap start time

November 30, 2021 18:00 (SGT)

III. BSC chain Dtoken exchange rate description

According to the assets withdrawn, after a comprehensive evaluation decision, CoinWind will return the assets withdrawn from the BXH BSC chain in accordance with the [token standard unified ratio] method, and all tokens will be processed at [40%] ratio of the residual value (Dtoken) swapped.

The contract address for retrieving assets from the BXH BSC chain is as follows, click on the link and select BEP-20 Token Txns to query related data:

IV. How to use Dtoken to exchange remaining assets

  1. After successfully migrating the asset to the COW V2 pool, users will receive the corresponding number of Dtokens with the corresponding name, users need to add the Dtoken with the corresponding name to the wallet.
    The Dtoken address is as follows:

DBTC address: 0x419aa93AF512686f2f129678E129BEBCD16411B1
DETH address: 0x5320fd9Ce2D63945352c696e9d7fFAafAB4D780B
DBUSD address: 0xDC0382C246453B74Dd670Cb53064A4f9283aA4Be
DUSDT address: 0x3B09b39C8ddc169a1d1951F5e1Ce4741c6eE646B
DUSDC address: 0xc5F6Bc47efFBb53a82F014d6770B6067513Ae658

2. After the swapping pool is opened, users can click “Single Farms — Single Farms V2 — Asset Conversion” to enter the exchange page of the remaining assets

3. Select the exchange pool of the corresponding currency, click “Authorize — Deposit” to deposit the Dtoken into the exchange pool, the contract will automatically calculate the exchangeable quantity, and click “Exchange” to convert the corresponding Dtoken to the corresponding token.

1. After clicking Authorization, please wait for the pop-up window to load completely before proceeding to the next step, otherwise it will easily lead to authorization failure;
2. Once Dtoken is deposited in the exchange pool, it can only be exchanged and cannot be withdrawn.

CoinWind will continue to follow up on BXH compensation matters and plans to formulate CoinWind’s repayment plan based on the compensation plan issued by BXH.

Thank you again for your patience and trust!

CoinWind team
November 30th, 2021

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