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CoinWind Academy Series: 3 Minutes to Know $BNB


Binance as the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform needs no introduction. To those who have been in the crypto space for quite some time, they will be familiar with the exchange couple with other features it has. As a leading crypto platform, there are many important reasons that gave credence to that.

One of such important reasons is the successful launching and introduction of the BNB. The BNB has grown in leaps and bounds in its use case and general acceptance since it was launched by Binance initially as an ERC-20 token in 2017 after a hugely successful ICO before it was migrated to the Binance chain in 2019.


BNB is a Binance based token that has gained worldwide acceptance since its migration to the BSC network. An important reason for this is the periodic burns the Team does, and the increasing trading pairs with other tokens which definitely helps it being in demand and sought after.


The demand for BNB has not waned since its introduction. This is particularly noteworthy in coins with real use cases, hence leading to the surge in price appreciation and demand. BNB use case is not in itself exhaustive as the exchange platform continues to increase its use case. Part of its uses included but not limited to:

* Using BNB on Binance comes with an advantage as it serves as a gas for transactions on the platform. Paying trading fees on the platform with it means users are entitled to a 25% discount.

* BNB is preferred and used owing to its lightning-fast transactions.

* It can be used as trading pairs for a wide range of cryptocurrencies as it can be used to buy and sell on the platform.

* The security and safety of BNB made it a sought after by many. This BNB does effortlessly.

* The real use case of BNB as a digital currency that can be used as payment for a wide range of services like booking flights, payment in grocery stores, and to other service providers has led to the growing demand and use of BNB.


The increasing number of crypto trading platforms has increased the places where BNB can be bought. Aside from Binance, there are leading exchange platforms BNB can be bought and traded with different pairs that suit the potential buyer. More importantly, BNB can also be bought in the following platforms with the use of credit/debit cards.

1. Binance:

2. Trust Wallet:

3. Paybis:




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