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CoinWind $COW Airdrop

If you participated in CoinWind mining on May 19th, there is a surprising airdrop for you and please claim it by Jun 3rd.

1. Total airdrop Amount

500,000 $COW

2. Snapshot Time

8 PM, May 19 (SGT)

3. Qualified Address

Participated in CoinWind Single Token V2 version mining and LP mining, and the number of MDX income from the wallet address is ≥50 $MDX (including both HECO chain and BSC chain)

4. Airdrop Amount

1) Each qualified address can get 10 $COW as basic airdrop

5. Airdrop Distribute Time

8 PM, May 27 (SGT)

6. How to Claim

Visit and participate in

7. Claim Deadline

8 PM, June 3rd, 20:00 (SGT)



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