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CoinWind $COW Airdrop

If you participated in CoinWind mining on May 19th, there is a surprising airdrop for you and please claim it by Jun 3rd.

CoinWind Airdrop — Participate in CoinWind Single Token V2 Mining and LP Mining to Get Airdrop

1. Total airdrop Amount

500,000 $COW

2. Snapshot Time

8 PM, May 19 (SGT)

3. Qualified Address

Participated in CoinWind Single Token V2 version mining and LP mining, and the number of MDX income from the wallet address is ≥50 $MDX (including both HECO chain and BSC chain)

4. Airdrop Amount

1) Each qualified address can get 10 $COW as basic airdrop

2) The total number of airdrops is 500,000 $COW. After subtracting the total amount of COW from the basic airdrop, all qualified addresses will share the remaining COW tokens according to the proportion of the amount of MDX revenue from that address and the total amount of MDX revenue from all addresses. The more MDX income received in the address, the higher the number of airdrops

5. Airdrop Distribute Time

8 PM, May 27 (SGT)

6. How to Claim

Visit and participate in

7. Claim Deadline

8 PM, June 3rd, 20:00 (SGT)

· CoinWind Website (Start Mining)

· CoinWind Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· CoinWind Telegram Community



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