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CoinWind Mining Tutorial — Liquidity Pool Mining

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I. Introduction

Liquidity Pool (LP) mining is a high-yield product provided by CoinWind. Users can provide the liquidity of a token pair in the corresponding DEX. The DEX issues LP Token to the user. Then, the user can deposit their LP Token into CoinWind corresponding project to obtain revenue, and the generated revenue will be reinvested every 5–10 minutes to create higher revenue for users.


  1. Save time and effort; the contract will automatically reinvest at regular intervals according to the strategy to reduce the number of user operations; the miner fee generated by the reinvestment will be borne by the platform, saving users’ miner fees;
  2. The income from deposit and withdrawal is automatically collected, and the compound interest income will be higher;
  3. A single token of revenue can reduce the occurrence of impermanent losses.

II. LP Mining Process

This tutorial takes HECO public chain operation as an example, BSC public chain will be the same

2.1 Add Liquidity
• Go to a DEX to add liquidity: select the LP pledge mining project you want to participate in, and add liquidity to the corresponding DEX;

Take the MDX-USDT project on the MDEX platform as an example, go to Pool and click to Add Liquidity

  • Enter the corresponding amount of MDX and USDT, click the Supply button
  • Click the Confirm Supply button to confirm again;
  • Enter the miner fee and click confirm;

•Adding liquidity Successfully

2.2 Participate in mining

2.2.1 Connect wallet
•If the wallet is not connected, please refer to the wallet tutorial on creating a wallet
2.2.2 Wallet authorization
• Participating in a new project requires authorization first, click the authorization button to confirm, and deposit after successful authorization

2.2.3 Deposit
• Enter the quantity and click deposit

• Submit after confirming the miner fee

• Successful deposit and start getting income

2.2.4 Withdraw
• Select the project, click on Withdraw

  • Withdraw profit or stakings

In LP mining, in order to ensure that users can maximize their income, deposit and withdrawal will not trigger income transfer, and manual withdrawal is required.
• Confirm miner fees

•Withdraw Successfully

2.3 Remove Liquidity

If the user no longer wants to participate in the LP mining, the liquidity can be removed from the corresponding DEX, as follows:
• Open the DEX website or directly click the Add Liquidity of the corresponding project

Enter the Pool page and go to Your Liquidity to view personal liquidity, and remove it after confirmation

· CoinWind Website (Start Mining)

· CoinWind Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· CoinWind Telegram Community



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