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CoinWind Weekly Report #1 (March 15th- March 21st)

Hello, world.

I. Marketing

On March 17th, CoinWind created a Twitter channel and Telegram community, opened for the English market!

Hello, world.

It will be a start of a great journey

CoinWind’s Slogan: Heco Ecological Single Token Mining Income Optimal Platform

CoinWind’s Version: Build the Largest Digital Asset Bank in the Defi Ecosystem

CoinWind’s Plan: first launched on Heco, and will be running on more chains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

On March 17, CoinWind launched V2.0 first phase, which added optimized strategy and community contract governance.

  • 90 minutes after launch, the V2 pool total value exceeded $200 Million; V1+V2 total volume exceeded $500 Million.
  • 24 hours after launch, V1+V2 total volume exceeded $600 Million

On March 19th, CoinWind added more tokens and quotas

  • 7,000 $BCH
  • 110,000 $DOT
  • 14,000 $LTC
  • 14 Million $USDT

Know CoinWind in One-Page

CoinWind One-Page

II. About CoinWind

CoinWind is a DeFi smart mining financial platform that automatically matches the pledged tokens through contracts and cooperates with the strategy of hedging impermanence to maximize all users’ incomes, which effectively solves low profits for users in single token minings issue, large impermanence losses in LP minings risk and other risks.
CoinWind aims to build a DeFi digital asset bank, launch a product that combines high-yield, safety, and reliability. Collect different tokens deposited by users into different pools, and then mobilize funds in a certain token pool to participate in different liquidity minings according to different strategies. Ultimately, to get higher earnings for all users. CoinWind’s products will effectively reduce the impermanence loss in liquidity mining through a combinational strategy.

II. Community

  • CoinWind Twitter: 235
  • CoinWind Telegram Channel: 10
  • CoinWind Telegram Community: 6,513

· CoinWind Website

· CoinWind Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· CoinWind Telegram Community



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