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CoinWind Weekly Report #17 (July 5th— July 11th)

CoinWind Telegram communities size surpassed 70k

I. CoinWind Weekly Update (June 21st — 27th)

TVL: $875,101,669.66

Single Token HECO TVL: $359,876,725.54

Single Token BSC TVL: $503,819,901.54

LP HECO TVL: $3,120,232.35

LP BSC TVL: $2,751,544.49

Total User Revenue: $100,552,411.44

Single Token HECO Total Users Earned: $62,991,027.81

Single Token BSC Total Users Earned: $30,905,402.75

HECO Version LP Total Users Earned: $2,873,774.82

BSC Version LP TVL Total Users Earned: $1,260,355.14

$MDX Pools:

Singel Token HECO Version: 18 types

Single Token BSC Version: 15 Tokens

$COW Pools:

Singel Token HECO Version: 8 types

Single Token BSC Version: 11 Tokens

LP Minings

LP Mining HECO Version: 18 Pairs

LP Mining BSC Version: 17 Pairs

II. Marketing

CoinWind and Bird Finance co-hosted a $5,000 of BIRD Giveaway


1.Follow CoinWind( and Bird Finance ( on Twitter
2. Join CoinWind( and Bird Finance ( Telegram Groups
3. RT CoinWInd Twitter Pin Message and @ three friends
4. Hold COW token (
5. Fill out the form

In order to celebrate CoinWind’s success so far, Blockchain Beauty sponsor with a $1,000 Airdrop for all COW Fans

To Join: Follow @BTC_Beauty & @coinwind_com
RT and @ 3 frs
Fill out this form

Last week, CoinWind attend AMA with 5 different communities.

July 5th: TheMoonwalkeR

July 6: Uniswap & Pancakeswap GEMS🥞

July 7: Crypto Talkz

July 8: SatoshiJ

uly 9: Black Mamba

III. Community

  • CoinWind Twitter: 63,605
  • CoinWind Telegram Community: 72,089

English Telegram Community: 69,461

Chinese Telegram Community: 2,628

Read More:

· CoinWind Website (Start Mining)

· CoinWind Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· CoinWind Telegram Community



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