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CoinWind Weekly Report #23 (August 16th — August 22nd)

CoinWind joins MVB III program

I. CoinWind Weekly Update (Aug 17th — 22nd)

TVL: $765,795,070.47

Single Token HECO TVL: $290,355,447.84

Single Token BSC TVL: $460,379,658.20

Single Token ETH TVL: $48,984,201.56

LP HECO TVL: $2,786,927.99

LP BSC TVL: $2,926,496.75

Total User Revenue: $118,940,623.44

Single Token HECO Total Users Earned: $69,847,827.05

Single Token BSC Total Users Earned: $36,408,036.53

Single Token ETH Total Users Earned: $221,168.53

HECO Version LP Total Users Earned: $3,001,336.66

BSC Version LP Total Users Earned: $1,395,640.10

$COW Pools:

Singel Token HECO Version: 8 types

Single Token BSC Version: 11 Tokens

Single Token ETH Version: 6 Tokens (+1)

LP Minings

LP Mining HECO Version: 19 Pairs

LP Mining BSC Version: 18 Pairs


Multi-chain Lock-up Value: $9,243,011.14

Multi-chain Dividends $ 468,909.09

Multi-chain Lock-up Amount: 4,997,872.55 COW

HECO Lock-up Amount: 2,293,060.20 COW

BSC Lock-up Amount: 2,704,812.35 COW

II. Marketing

On August 20th, CoinWind BD Scott was invited to an AMA event in the Berry Data community. Berry Data is one of CoinWind’s close partners. During the AMA, Scott answered questions from Berry Data speaker and their community users regarding on CoinWind future business development direction and strategies. In the future, CoinWind will attend more AMA in our partners’ communities.

On August 21st, CoinWind joined MVB III program, which was organized by Binance Smart Chain.

The Most Valuable Builder III (MVB III) - Beyond the Big Bang, Binance Smart Chain will go through multiple phases where will shortlist participating projects based on their performance and other criteria, such as security, community strength, etc. To push for even more significant innovation, the participating projects will compete in a new MVB Monthly Star concept, where we’ll pick only the best-performing projects every month (August, September, October).

Every season of MVB aims to boost innovation in specific areas essential for further blockchain adoption.

In MVB III: Beyond the Big Bang, the focus is on these areas:

  1. High-performance infrastructures: Strengthen critical infrastructure and provide services to satisfy large-scale business, including (not limited to) security tooling, API and toolings, Cross-chain DeFi Composition, Privacy Txs/Flashbots, bridging CeFi and DeFi, and more.
  2. NFT and GamingFi: Pursue mass adoption opportunities through Gaming, Community (Fan) Tokens, Guild DAO, and more.
  3. Advanced DeFi legos: Build secure, trustless, and holistic DeFi infra to satisfy new DeFi requirements from institutional and professional traders and brokers, including (but not limited to) synthetic assets, real-world assets, efficient AMM, fixed interest rate products, indexing, structural protocols, asset management, and more.


Announcement of MVB III — August 12, 2021

Monthly Stars (August) — September 9, 2021

Monthly Stars (September) — Oct 14, 2021

Monthly Stars (October) — November 11, 2021

MVB Top Players — November 25, 2021

III. Community

  • CoinWind Twitter: 101,197
  • CoinWind Announcement Channel: 36,083
  • CoinWind Telegram Community: 94,323

English Telegram Community: 90,572

Chinese Telegram Community: 3751

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· CoinWind Website (Start Mining)

· CoinWind Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

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