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CoinWind Weekly Report #24 (August 23rd — August 29th)

CoinWine partnered with Channels, LendHun, SafePal, and OPS

I. CoinWind Weekly Update (Aug 23rd — 29th)

TVL: $711,376,917.80

Single Token HECO TVL: $247,763,873.64

Single Token BSC TVL: $447,894,502.62

Single Token ETH TVL: $47,286,380.98

LP HECO TVL: $2,728,838.00

LP BSC TVL: $2,884,965.77

Total User Revenue: $112,116,640.98

Single Token HECO Total Users Earned: $65,769,582.74

Single Token BSC Total Users Earned: $34,412,883.46

Single Token ETH Total Users Earned: $246,264.03

HECO Version LP Total Users Earned: $2,793,433.65

BSC Version LP Total Users Earned: $1,289,201.83

$COW Pools:

Singel Token HECO Version: 8 types

Single Token BSC Version: 11 Tokens

Single Token ETH Version: 6 Tokens (+1)

LP Minings

LP Mining HECO Version: 19 Pairs

LP Mining BSC Version: 18 Pairs


Multi-chain Lock-up Value: $9,645,051.45

Multi-chain Dividends $ 612,866.12

Multi-chain Lock-up Amount: 5,260,626.44 COW

HECO Lock-up Amount: 2,663,458.57 COW

BSC Lock-up Amount: 2,597,167.87 COW

II. Marketing

On August 24th, CoinWind created a partnership with LendHub, s a safe decentralized lending platform aiming to facilitate cross-chain lending. Both parties will provide each other with lending services and asset supports.

On the same day, CoinWind also partnered with Channels. Channels is a mortgage and lending platform on HECO and BSC networks.

On August 25th, CoinWind hosted an AMA event with Berry Data and their BD Musk attended the event. Musk explained what does Berry Data do and how does Berry oracle work.

On August 26th, CoinWind BD Scott was invited to an AMA event in Decentralized Club.

On August 26th, SafePal supported CoinWind DAPP (BSC and Ethererum versions) on their wallet. SafePal is dedicated to providing a secure and user-friendly crypto management platform for the masses to secure and grow their crypto assets safely and conveniently.

SafePal Download Link:

On August 27th, CoinWind hosted an AMA event with LendHub.

On August 27th, CoinWind partnered with OPS. CoinWind will create an official blog channel on Ops and co-developing NFT together.

III. Community

  • CoinWind Twitter: 100,945
  • CoinWind Announcement Channel: 34,469
  • CoinWind Telegram Community: 94,176

English Telegram Community: 87,246

Chinese Telegram Community: 6,930

· CoinWind Website (Start Mining)

· CoinWind Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· CoinWind Telegram Community



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