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CoinWind Weekly Report #25 (August 30th — September 5th)

CoinWind listed on Defillama and Hswap

I. CoinWind Weekly Update (Aug 30th — Sep 5 th)

TVL: $798,748,451.81

Single Token HECO TVL: $330,743,155.45

Single Token BSC TVL: $448,104,654.93

Single Token ETH TVL: $793,457,356.73

LP HECO TVL: $2,853,371.87

LP BSC TVL: $2,986,392.28

Total User Revenue: $150,675,172.98

Single Token HECO Total Users Earned: $89,977,184.63

Single Token BSC Total Users Earned: $43,686,176.27

Single Token ETH Total Users Earned: $148,902,124.37

HECO Version LP Total Users Earned: $3,848,171.33

BSC Version LP Total Users Earned: $1,690,023.09

$COW Pools:

Singel Token HECO Version: 8 types

Single Token BSC Version: 11 Tokens

Single Token ETH Version: 6 Tokens

LP Minings

LP Mining HECO Version: 19 Pairs

LP Mining BSC Version: 18 Pairs


Multi-chain Lock-up Value: $944,646.21

Multi-chain Dividends $12,905,600.06

Multi-chain Lock-up Amount: 6,432,988.26 COW

HECO Lock-up Amount: 3,608,997.73 COW

BSC Lock-up Amount: 2,824,729.22 COW

II. Marketing

First, Hello, September!

On September 1st, CoinWind Listed on Defillama; Defillama is a DeFI TVL aggregator, which committed to accurate data without ads or sponsored content and transparency

CoinWind Page:

On September 2nd, CoinWind co-founder Musk was invited to BSC 1st Anniversary Online Carnival which was hosted by 499+ Block. Musk shared his opinions on Defi and introduced CoinWind to the audience.

On September 2nd, CoinWind listed on Hswap, COW-USDT pair

COW — USDT Pair:

On September 3rd, CoinWind hosted an AMA event with Channels at 5 PM, Channels is a leading mortgage lending platform & №5 Lending platform in the world without any safety incidents.

III. Community

  • CoinWind Twitter: 100,303
  • CoinWind Announcement Channel: 32,857
  • CoinWind Telegram Community: 92,416

English Telegram Community: 83,304

Chinese Telegram Community: 9,112

· CoinWind Website (Start Mining)

· CoinWind Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· CoinWind Telegram Community



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