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CoinWind Weekly Report #5 (April 12th — April 18th)

CoinWind TVL increased 67.6% and Total User Revenue increased 49.4%

I. CoinWind Weekly Update (April 12th — 19th)

TVL: $1,744,111,891.31 (+$703,351,960.31 +67.6%)

HECO TVL: $977,916,527.84

BSC TVL: $767,771,268.33

Total User Revenue: $49,300,708.41 (+$16,297,775.41 +49.4%)

HECO Total Users Earned: $5,571,248.64

BSC Total Users Earned: $3,741,540.15

Total Supported Tokens: 27 (+6)

HECO Supported Tokens: 14 Tokens

BSC Supported Tokens: 13 Tokens (+6)

II. Marketing

CoinWind BSC Version single token minigs are available on BitKeep and MathWallet on April 14th; listed as a featured project on BSCDaily on April 15th.

CoinWind added 6 new tokew on BSC version


CoinWind Cumulative Total User (BSC Version) Surpassed $1 Million

CoinWind BSD TVL Surpassed $500 Million (April 14th)

CoinWind Total TVL Surpassed $1.5 Billion (April 13th)

III. Community

CoinWind Telegram Community: 12,122

CoinWind Twitter: 1,223

CoinWind One-Page

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