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Product Comparison: Getting to Know Which CoinWind Product Best Suit Your Needs


There is a wide array of products one could choose from in the DeFi space, which could leave you dumbfounded without having full information about each of them. At CoinWind, we offer 3 main products which are Staking, Single Token Mining, and LP Mining, where we will be breaking down and comparing each of them for you. In this article, we’ve summarized key points you should know about each type of product to aid your decision-making process when deciding which product best suits your needs.


Do you hold crypto tokens in your wallet or in an exchange? If you are, why would you let your crypto live there rent-free? If you have crypto assets such as FIL, KSM, ATOM, DOT, and ADA, you could very well be earning good money if you stake it with us. On top of that, we will also reward our users $COW tokens.

For more information about staking, you could check out our article here:

Farms (Single Token Mining/LP Mining)

You will notice that there are two components to choose from under the Farms section where you have Single Token mining and LP mining, where the most obvious difference would be the initial investment. Single Token Mining requires only one crypto asset, while LP Mining requires a pair, which is a crucial concept when it comes to dealing with impermanent losses.

For more information about Single Token Mining, you could check out our article here:

For more information about LP mining, you could check out our article here:

We hope that this article provided meaningful insights into the products we offer, have fun earning with CoinWind, and see you next time!

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