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Updates of Enabling BSC Chain and HECO Chain CTokne Mining

January 13th, 2022

📅CToken single token mining starting time
5 PM,
January 13th (UTC+8)

🌈 How to get CToken for the first time and add it to your wallet
HECO Chain
: Click [Single Farms V2] — [Ctoken Region] — [Claim Ctoken] — click the [Claim] button on the pop-up page — complete the claim

BSC chain: Users who have not completed the migration, after opening the CoinWind page, click to agree to the migration, Ctoken and Dtoken will be automatically issued to your wallet, just add the contract address in the wallet

✨When claiming, please wait until the page is fully loaded before proceeding to avoid claim failure.

🔆Ctoken single token mining operational instructions
Under the [Ctoken Reigion] page, after depositing the received Ctoken, you can obtain income by staking. Please refer to the real-time rate of return on the product page.

HECO Chain Ctoken Contracts

CBTC: 0x11bFAb99c29A30040c1CE8c12826410789556cb0
CUSDT: 0x7b2AeeC58c3FBB26f407C49139146C987c0CBD57

BSC chain Ctoken Contract

CBTC: 0xfc4703D7feC63E9241b68ce0B7D746882655d683
CUSDT: 0x15339d57FBf0b06de5c5e39c756954813732Ab9a
CETH: 0x9A50c643D62433660dC9bAcDFB28AbB52F0C0140
CBUSD: 0xc06a860a7d68eEF9628d6196Eaf310A8A683670A
CUSDC: 0x4227dBE49c9974605916f7FBAB24a0076F8d8C1E

· CoinWind Website (Start Mining)

· CoinWind Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· CoinWind Telegram Community



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