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Updates of Enabling HECO Chain CToken Claim and LP Mining

January 6th, 2022


On October 30th, 2021, BXH.COM, a decentralized transaction protocol deployed on multiple chains, their assets were being stolen due to unknown reasons. Since then, BXH.COM has handled most of the residual value in a very unequal manner and has returned the residual value invested by its platform retail investors on the HECO chain, but it has not yet returned CoinWind’s investment on the HECO chain: 4.841 million USDT tokens and 172.75 HBTC tokens, currently worth nearly 13 million U.S. dollars.

As of now, BXH.COM has not given the specific time for returning HECO chain residual value to CoinWind.

CoinWind has been trying our best to have all users bear the minimum loss from BXH incident, CoinWind will launch a compensation plan, which is CToken mining on HECO chain, users can use the CToken to mine before the residual value of the HECO chain is withdrawn. This plan aims to allow CoinWind users to minimize their losses. The plan details are as follows:

1. CToken Claim Time and LP Mining Starting Time

5 PM, January 6th, 2022 (UTC+8)

2. How to Claim/Receive CToken and Add to Wallet

a. After go the CoinWind website through the wallet, click [Farms]-[Single Farms V2]-[Ctoken Zone]-[Claim Ctoken]- CLICK [Claim] button on the pop-up page to claim, and click close.

*When receiving, please wait for the page to load completely before any operation to avoid receiving failure. The above image is the beta version page, please refer to the real-time yield rate of the product page.

The number of Ctoken received is the same as the number of Dtoken you received for the first time.

b. After receiving, please copy the following CToken contract address and manually add Ctoken in the wallet.

HECO Chain Ctoken Contracts:
CBTC: 0x11bFAb99c29A30040c1CE8c12826410789556cb0
CUSDT: 0x7b2AeeC58c3FBB26f407C49139146C987c0CBD57

3. Ctoken LP Mining Tutorial

CoinWind will first enable LP Mining for CToken holders.

In the [Ctoken Zone] page, pair the received Ctoken with the corresponding Token 1:1 to form an LP token, then you can obtain income through mining, and the return rate will be similar to the normal single token mining pool corresponding to the token APY. A certain percentage will be increased on the basis and please refer to the real-time yield rate of the product page for details.

In addition, it is expected that the single token mining for CToken will be supported next week, please pay attention to the follow-up announcement.

CoinWind Team
January 6th, 2022

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