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Coinxp trading public chain and decentralized exchange HubDex program development and source code library overview

Author: Dr. Liang Wuwei
The original text was published at 06:18 on February 14, 2022 on Dr. Liang’s Weibo

1. Overview of project development and source code library

I will announce the development data and facts of the source code development of Coinxp and HubDex here to openly prove that Coinxp and HubDex are not “air projects for MLM” accused by Wuxi Public Security, but they are recognized and invested by the mainstream funds of the blockchain industry. The wisdom and strength of a number of doctoral and scientific and technological enterprises in China and the United States and the famous enterprises, which consumes three years of energy and continues to develop and overcome technical difficulties in the real blockchain technology innovation project. The technical route has become a reality step by step.
According to the industry’s international practice, the coinxp and HubDex teams have created Coinxp and HUDEX -related source code libraries on the world’s largest source code library website from the beginning. Including Ethereum, almost all regular blockchain projects in the world built the source code library on The characteristics of the source code library above are: it will record all the source code and all its editing history, even if the deleted operation and deletion content will be recorded by the original book. Therefore, you can fully restore the development process of the project through the historical records of the GitHub code library and the content of the audit source code. It is completely impossible to fake them.
Anyone can check the website of coinxp and HubDex open source and development historical records through coinxp on the URL on github on github.
Even the development of a centralized digital asset exchange has quite high technical difficulty and huge workload. The first public chain specially used for transactions and decentralized exchanges built by COINXP to be developed. Therefore, from the technical difficulty and workload, it is ten times larger than the general centralized exchange, dozens of tens of tens Note. The statistical data and facts of our Github source code library can be proof:
· The project began to submit the first source code in March 2018, and the last code development was April 13, 2021 (the day before the team members were arrested by the team members). The entire project has been continuously developed and updated for more than three years.
· The development of the source code library includes more than 4,000 code submission (Note: Each changes to the source code on GitHub include adding, deleting, movement, and modification as one code submission. One code submission generally changes code from a few lines and multiple lines. Thousands or even tens of thousands of lines).
· The code library contains a total of about 500,000 lines of source code. Only the main chain and the HubDex source code library include 347427 lines. See the figure below
· Code development members include research and development experts and software engineers of 13 blockchain in China and the United States, including a number of doctors who graduated from Tsinghua, Peking University, China University of Science and Technology, Georgia University of Technology, Stanford University, etc. Many of them work in Google Google, Amazon Amazon and other internationally renowned technology companies.
The program source code includes a variety of programming languages: C ++, Java, Webassembly, Javascript, TypeScript, Solidity, Python, Unix Shell Script, HTML, Dockerfile, YAML, JSON and other languages.
· The source code of Coinxp and HubDex passed the code audit of Certik Global, LTD and PECKSHIELD (Pai Shield Technology) of Certik Global, LTD and PECKSHIELD in the blockchain industry.
Among them, Certik was founded in 2018 by Professor Shao Zhong, director of the Department of Computer Science of Yale University to provide corporate customers with blockchain security and auditing services to protect digital asset security. Gao Yan Venture Capital, Shunwei Capital and other front -line investment institutions); PECKSHIELD is founded by Dr. Jiang Xuxian, a lifelong professor of North Carolina State University in the top 360 in 2018. Gao Rong Capital and other front -line investment institutions.
The above data and facts show that CoinXP and HubDex are a high -tech difficulty. The high -quality blockchain technology cutting -edge project has condensed the capital investment of hundreds of millions of yuan in mainstream funds in the blockchain industry. Development and technical difficulties overcome code results, as well as the security barrier of the industry’s top code audit company. These are enough to explain that the entrepreneurial motivation and facts of Coinxp and HubDex are the bottom and applications of the industry’s top blockchain technology in the industry.
The figure below overlines the statistics of the main source code library NCC/hub_exchange on the github, including the number of files and code rows of the program language used

Number of files and code rows in the program language used

2. Development cycle and submission times of the main source code library

(1) Coinxp prototype verification (POC) code library: CXP
Development cycle: March 2018-August 21, 2018
Code development submission times: 958

Code development submission times

(2)CoinXP official main chain code library: NCC/master
Development cycle: March 2018-June 2019
Code development submission times: 2225

Code development submission times

(3) HUB decentralization exchange code library: ncc/hub_exhange

(3) HUB decentralization exchange code library: ncc/hub_exhange
Development cycle: June 2019-April 2021
Number of code submission: 3143 (including 2225 code submission developed by the main chain)
Recent code submission date: April 13, 2021

(4)Customization and test code library of COBO client: Cobo-Clients
Development cycle: March 2019-March 2019
Number of code submission: 8

Cobo client code submission number

(5) Coinxp program development interface code library 1: CXP_API
Development cycle: October 29, 2018-June 27, 2019
Number of code submission: 7

Coinxp program development interface

(6) Automatic deployment and program module management tool code library: helm
Development cycle: November 6, 2018-April 1, 2021
Code submission times: 140

Automatic deployment and program module management tool code library

3. Development of asset hosting on the chain

The ultimate goal of the public chain operation is to achieve complete transactions, matching, and decentralized asset custody. With the maturity of the development process and community autonomy, platform transactions and asset hosting gradually move from centralization to decentralization. Each step is realized, and a lot of research, discussion and development are paid behind. As the team’s main creators and developers are distributed in different countries and regions such as Silicon Valley, Boston, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Chengdu. Therefore, the discussion and development plan of development work have a large number of work chat records and collaborative software tools. For example, the following figure shows the description of the development process of the TERELLO collaborative software on the TERELLO collaborative software.

Trello collaborative development record

Early safety precautions
As an information distributed bookkeeping system, the blockchain can achieve a trust relationship in the endorsement of trust in the network environment that does not rely on the center platform, and the core cornerstone of trust lies in security. Coinxp’s main creative and R & D team has worked in the direction of building a digital, transparent, decentralized contract intermediary since the beginning, and can help users achieve credible and secure transactions on the blockchain platform. Before the systems required for decentralized asset custody, more wallet technology needs to be mature, HubDex’s asset custody is custody through the most authoritative third -party digital asset storage and management platform in the industry. The following are: Cobo Custody and CoinXP use the “Digital Assets Custody Service Agreement” signed by their respective domestic entities. , Challenge high -difficult technical development decentralized asset custody; at the same time, do you also spend the annual cost of industry authority, and is it a clear and transparent third -party asset custody of coins and coins?
In December 2018, Cobo officially released Cobo Custody, a digital asset custody solution for institutions, to provide institutional customers with API and multiple signature custody solutions. COBO company CTO Jiang Changhao said in an interview with the 21st Century Business Herald that “The initial stage of product promotion will be based on Chinese customers, including project parties, trading platforms, token funds, centralized wallets, digital asset mortgage loan platforms,”. “ He also mentioned that “the regulatory environment and compliance requirements of different countries are different. Chinese customers are more willing to adopt the regulatory framework of Hong Kong and Singapore. European and American institutional investors prefer the US regulatory framework.” From this, it can be seen that At the end of 2018, when Coinxp was established, when decentralized technology was not completely mature, the most reliable asset custody was to learn from the third party of traditional finance to be custody, such as: the United States has Coinbase, and China has Cobo Custody, which follows traditional finance. The rules of rules are used as third -party custody agencies to ensure user asset safety. Coinxp uses blockchain technology to explore and decentralized asset custody in the early days of the regulatory system and technology maturity.

Cobo Custody和CoinXP签署的《数字资产托管服务协议》,每年更新

4. The continuous introduction plan of talent

Blockchain development work involves cross -field high -end technical talents such as distributed algorithms, encryption technology, security, and DAPP front -end. It is very difficult to find relevant talents in China, and the salary is also relatively the most in the field of computer information. The following is the description of the description of the technical position in China at the internal annual summary meeting on February 7, 2021, the CEO Liang Liang planned to write a technical position description, and introduced the local technical talents in China, and the headhunter in the high -tech field intended to write the writing. Sign relevant hunting contracts.

COINXP CTO Chen Hua’s recruitment needs submitted to headhunters

Job Description

  1. Responsible for the development of blockchain -related technology, including point -to -point network design, encryption technology application, distributed algorithm implementation, data storage technology;
    2. Responsible for research and analysis of underlying protocols such as Ethereum and smart contracts, operating mechanisms and underlying implementation, etc.;
    3. Responsible for the development, implementation and improvement of encryption agreements, designing security agreements and architecture;
    4. Responsible for the design and development of a complete security module for R & D projects;
    5. Responsible for the formulation and review of the design plan and the formulation and review of related verification and testing schemes.
    job requirements:
    1. At least 3 years of Internet or application software technology development experience, proficient in one or more development languages ​​in one or more development languages ​​in C ++/C, GO, Python, Java, JavaScript; Python and GO language first.
    2. Proficient in Linux, proficient in the principles of Docker container technology, deployment and use optimization, and those who have actual project experience of cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology;
    3. Familiar with related open source projects such as Ethereum, OpenChain, Bitcoin, Hyperledger Fabric, and those who have experienced research and contribution are preferred;
    4. Those with relevant distributed system architecture and P2P network system development experience are preferred;
    5. With the background of cryptographic technology, those with related projects are preferred;
    6. Proficiency in common intelligent contract language and development optimizations such as Solidity and other common use of Solidity;
    7. Understand various mainstream consensus algorithms, including being limited to POW, POS, DPOS, PBFT, PAXOS, RAFT, etc.;
    8. Understand the principles and use of the mainstream NOSQL database, especially the KV database, including not limited to leveldb, ROCKSDB, etc.;
    9. Professional data structure and algorithm, research on cryptography, security protocols, and encryption algorithms, familiar with distributed, multi -threaded and high -performance design, coding and performance tuning



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