How To Buy Stuff With A Crypto Debit Card (For Beginners)

My Story With The Coinbase Shift Card

CoinYou is a crypto learning community for beginners. In our core curriculum, we teach regular people all the basic steps of how to use cryptocurrency. How to Buy, Trade, Save, Send, Spend, and Sell it. One of the ways to spend cryptocurrency is by using a crypto debit card. These are offered by several exchanges. Although CoinYou recommends CEX because its available to citizens of more counties, I took the opportunity to use my CoinBase account to get a crypto visa debit card.

How To Get A Crypto Debit Card

  1. The first step in how to spend crypto with a debit card is by signing up for an exchange like CoinBase.
  2. After submitting the required information, connect your bank account or bank card.
  3. Buy Crypto.
  4. Apply for the CoinBase Shift card here.
  5. The card will arrive in the mail and you activate it.
  6. Buy expensive items with the card.

It’s pretty easy to use cryptocurrency with a crypto debit card. Now lets talk about why you would do it and what to be careful of.

Why Use Crypto?

Some people believe that transacting independently of banks and governments is a way of voting for an alternative system that avoids inequality and authoritarianism. These crypto debit cards actually mesh with the existing systems to make it more practical to use crypto to buy things.

Now you can pay for stuff with crypto even if crypto isn’t accepted at the business.

If you use crypto as a savings account, you can use your card for emergency purposes, so its still fairly liquid.

You don’t need to mess with logging into secure accounts and confusing technology.

What to watch out for:

Bitcoin has variable transaction fees that can be quite high when the network is busy/popular. Therefore, if you use your CoinBase Shift Card to buy a 1 dollar cup of coffee, it could potentially cost 10 dollars in fees to transact. The nice thing, is that CoinBase allows you to use other cryptos that have lower fees, such as Ethereum.

Here are the fees for the Coinbase Shift Card:

Domestic Cash Withdrawal Fee (applies to both ATM and Over The Counter “OTC” withdrawals):$2.50 (per transaction)

International Cash Withdrawal Fee* (applies to both ATM and Over The Counter “OTC” withdrawals):$3.50 (per transaction)

International Transaction Fee*:3% of total* (per transaction)

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