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The State Of CoinYou

April 2019 Update For The CoinYou Crypto Education Platform

CoinYou is working hard and made a lot of progress in the last weeks and months. Here is a small overview about our recent biggest changes and additions.

New dynamic FAQ

Our new dynamic FAQ function is ready and gives a perfect quick overview about everything a crypto users have to know in the crypto world. Check it out here:

Portfolio function

With our portfolio function, users and site visitors are now able to check the gains and losses of their cryptocurrency holdings in real time. More than 1000 different cryptocurrencies can be tracked and many customize possibilities are available.

CoinYou App launched

After a long development phase, the English CoinYou App was launched in January 2019 to the Google Play Store. Users are now also able to take all our courses just by downloading the app. An update with additional features and the launch on the Apple Store can be expected very soon. Download the app here:

CoinYou App in new languages being developed

The development of CoinYou app in Portuguese and Spanish is nearly finished and the launch on the Google Play and Apple Store can be expected very soon!

Website available in new languages

Our aim is to offer CoinYou in all major languages and to give everyone worldwide the possibility to access free and non-speculative crypto education content. We are one step closer to reach this goal, as CoinYou is now also available in Portuguese and Spanish.

New courses in all languages

We are constantly improving our courses. Recently we added a few new courses to our English website and all courses are now also available in Spanish and Portuguese or are being translated. Stay tuned for more courses at



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