Coinzak integrates with BitBNS to make Crypto investments more accessible

At Coinzak, our mission is to make Crypto investment more accessible, understandable and manageable for our users and with the same thought as our guiding light, we have made yet another stride towards our mission.

Now you can directly login to Coinzak using your BitBNS account. (Read more about it on Bitbns official blog)

Login with BitBNS on Coinzak

Coinzak has securely integrated with BitBNS end to end so that you are all set to execute your strategies from Coinzak without having to change your browser tabs.

Coinzak helps you to track all your investments and manage your portfolio so that you know exactly where you are making money and where you are incurring losses. Your crypto investments never had such a bird’s eye view.

So what you are waiting for, login into Coinzak and start exploring the strategies based on your risk appetite and start managing your investments smartly.



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