Create an SIP of your choice of coin from Bitbns with help of Coinzak

SIPs are a great way to invest as they do not involve a one time lump sum investment but putting in money in small chunks spread over a long duration. It helps in multiple ways:

  1. Lowers the risks of losses due to market fluctuations
  2. Doesn’t involve onetime commitment and can be stopped whenever you want
  3. Flexibility to skip payments in case of unavailability of funds
  4. No emotional decision making as the investment is spread across the lows and highs of the market
  5. There is no perfect timing due to the spread in the investment time period

All in all, SIPs are a great way to invest and helps you to keep your portfolio well diversified.

Coinzak lets you club the power of SIP with any coin or basket of coins on Bitbns. If there is a crypto currency on Bitbns, you can create an SIP for the same and get started on the amazing journey of Crypto SIP.

So how can you get started you ask? Please follow the below easy steps to get started on creating an SIP for a coin of your choice. (If you want to create an SIP for a basket of coins, please read this)

Step1: If you haven’t signed up on Coinzak, just go to and login using your Bitbns account (Coinzak has a deep integration with Bitbns, please read the official blog by Bitbns here)

Step2: Once you are logged in, at the top navigation bar, you will see a button ‘Buy Coins’, click on that

Click on ‘Buy Coins’ button on top right

Step3: You can either sort the coins by ‘Performance’ or ‘Marketcap’ or you can search for a particular coin on the search bar

Either sort the existing list or search for your coin

Step4: Once you have selected the coin that you want to start the SIP in, either click on that coin or click on the green ‘Buy’ button

Either click on the coin name or click on the green ‘Buy’ button

Step5: Now you land on the coin details page, here you can view the past performance of the coin that you have selected. Click on the ‘Start SIP’ button on the right side of the page

Click on the ‘Start SIP’ button

Step6: Now you will have to select the ‘Start Date’, ‘Frequency’ and ‘Amount’ of your SIP, enter these details as per your wish and hit ‘Start SIP’

Add the details of your SIP and click on ‘Start SIP’

And that is it! You are done. You can anytime edit your SIP or stop it.

Crypto investing was never so easy before. Please reach out to us at for any queries



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