How to find the best crypto investment strategy

Cryptos have been around for a while now. Their existence has been similar to that popular person whom most of us have encountered in some phase of our life, whom some hate and some dearly love, but that person cannot live ignored and is always in the news. One more thing about cryptos is that not many know much about them, but the kind of returns and the buzz that they have managed to create, makes it hard for anyone to ignore unless they have been living under a rock.

So what does it take to invest in crypto? Moreover, what is the best crypto investment strategy? Well, the answer is no different than what one would consider while investing in any other instrument. It depends on the risk that you are willing to take and based on that there will be variability in your returns. Low risk will hand you over a moderate return whereas if you are ready to risk more, your returns are bound to have a high variability on either side.

But the problem is not solved yet. Not everyone is familiar with this crypto business and even if one is ready to take the risk, how can they set their limits and gauge risks. Well, as they say, data never lies and that is what Coinzak is there for, to solve.

Coinzak makes crypto investing accessible to people by providing them the necessary variables and data points to base their decisions on. Coinzak solves for the asymmetry of information that exists between people who went early into crypto investment and people who are fresh and want to expose a part of their portfolio into crypto but do not know how or where to start.

While talking to a bunch of young investors, one thing that came out pretty strong was that people were not afraid of going wrong with their investment decisions, but it was the lack of knowledge and no sense of where to start that was pulling them back. Well, now that is no more a hurdle. Coinzak runs thousands of simulations and applies data science to curate investment strategies based on the risk that a person is ready to take. With Coinzak, the answer is never “I lack knowledge” but it is always a strong yes or a no because the variables that are required to take ‘THE’ call are at your fingertips.

See above a ‘Low Risk’ investment strategy in action

Coinzak not only provides you with the strategies but also helps you to manage your portfolios and control your investments so that in case there was a bad decision taken, the downside is covered and damage is restricted. We are Coinzak and we are here to make crypto accessible for all.



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