A message from the new EICs

Colby Echo (Lily Lake and Caitlin Rogers)

Over the past few years, the importance of accurate and objective journalism has become increasingly apparent across the U.S. From the investigations surrounding the 2016 election, to the reporting that has pushed forward the #MeToo movement, our press is proving its significance in furthering national debates and as a fourth branch of government. This has not occurred without some pushback, however, with the press often a point of controversy, sometimes for good reason, as political polarization divides news sources and, at times, makes the media a part of the political system it analyzes.

Though at a much smaller scale, the Echo seeks to maintain an appropriate balance between individual perspectives and impartial coverage, providing both an open forum for opinions and reportage on day-to-day events and College announcements.

This year has been a historic one in many ways for Colby. In the past eight months, the College broke ground on a new athletic center, announced plans for a downtown art center and made rapid progress on the Main Street dorm set to open this fall. The Class of 2022 brought the College acceptance rate to a record low of 13 percent, even as the Class of 2021 began making their own impact on the College and broader community, whether through contributions to sports teams or involvement in conversations on important topics across the campus.

Since our first issue of the academic year on Sept. 21, the Echo has covered these College developments and more, with articles ranging from an examination of the growing prevalence of e-cigarettes to a discussion of President David A. Greene’s State of the College address. In creating a space for these varying news topics along with opinions and creative work, the Echo staff of writers, reporters and editors have worked to help Colby community members and Waterville residents stay updated on the College.

Senior staff members Peg Schreiner, Will Walkey, Addie Bullock, Nina Oleynik, and Charlotte Marratta have facilitated important shifts in the structure and approach of the Echo this year, helping the paper to better cover major events and strengthen investigative articles. In the 2018–2019 academic year, we are excited to build off of these changes in order to best provide balanced insight into the College and Waterville communities. As Colby evolves, we hope the Echo can continue to expand its role in facilitating the critical dialogue that a student-run newspaper can create.

If you or a friend are interested in getting involved with journalism at Colby, please consider applying for a staff position at the Echo or contributing an article next year.

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