Downtown residents contacted about man outside dorm

By Claire Borecki

Students have recently reported seeing a man holding an “F — — Colby” sign standing outside the dorm on Main Street, according to an email sent by CAs to dorm residents.

A similar sentiment was written on chalk on the sidewalk, and the man has also reportedly been yelling racial slurs at Colby students of color.

Colby Security and the Waterville Police department received reports of the man’s actions and are aware of his identity; however, action has not been taken. Neither responded to the Echo’s inquiries regarding the dorms as of publication.

The Waterville Police Department has, at this point, no legal justification for taking action against this man, but in the email, downtown CAs encouraged students to report his actions and take precautions.

They also said security can provide escorts at any time for students who feel unsafe, and any comments made by this man of a threatening nature should be reported to the Waterville police (any threats of illegal behavior is criminal threatening, which is a crime).

Downtown dorm staff have alerted their residents of this man’s behavior.

If students feel unsafe at any time, they are encouraged to contact security, dorm staff, or Waterville PD, whether or not the man’s behavior is considered illegal.