First Annual Student Traveling Art Show

Colby Echo (Charlotte Marratta)

Courtesy of Colby College

On April 12, the Student Museum Advisory Board launched the first annual Traveling Art Show with an opening reception in the Athletic Center lobby. Clare Murray ’18, co-chair of the museum Board, explained, “We decided to organize a traveling art show this spring to celebrate some of the many incredible artistic talents all-too-often hidden on campus.” The goal of the show is to encourage student artists across all academic disciplines and with a variety of styles and mediums to share their work with the Colby community. The Board received over 20 student art submissions and put together two exhibitions using common themes. Half of the student work was on display in the Athletic Center from April 12 to April 15, and half of the student work is on display in the Museum student lounge between April 17 and April 19.

Kelley Fitzpatrick ’18, whose art will be a part of the Museum Student Lounge exhibit, submitted a piece she created during her senior year of high school. The piece is called Zebra and is a pointillism painting of a zebra that she modeled after Andy Warhol’s Endangered Species: Grevy’s Zebra. In an interview with the Echo Fitzpatrick said, “I’m an English major with a concentration in creative writing so I haven’t really had time to take many art classes at Colby. I paint in my free time and when I saw that they were doing this traveling art show I thought it would be a great opportunity to put my work on display. I think it’s a really fun idea because there are a lot of artistically talented people in our grade who aren’t art majors so it’s good that there’s an opportunity for people to show their work.”

Signy Coakley ’18 is also among the artists to be featured in the Museum student lounge. Coakley is an Art History major and has only had the chance to take two art classes at Colby. “I do a lot of independent work outside of classes so I think this is a great way for non-art majors to showcase the work they’ve done both in and out of class,” she said. Coakley submitted an oil portrait of her grandfather titled, Grandfather, that she did as an independent painting study for Jan Plan. “I’m so glad to be involved in this art show and display a sentimental piece that also means a lot to my art-loving grandfather, who is excited to hear he will be in an art show!”

The artists on display include, Rachel Bird ’18, Michelle Cao ’21, Signy Coakley ’18, Stephanie Desrochers ’18, Mira DiSilvestro ’21, Kelley Fitzpatrick ’18, Aisling Flaherty ’20, Selim Hassairi ’21, Wiley Holton ’19, Veronica Jones ’20, Scott Kaplan ’20, Dominick Leskiw ’21, Jake Lester ’18, Kayla Luparello ’20, Nicholas Malkemus ’21, Wallis Muraca ’18, Sonia Tremblay ’20, Cal Waichler ’21, Sarah Warner ’21 and Sarang Yang ’19.

A closing reception will be held on April 19 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Museum Student Lounge and is open to the public. “So far, it seems that the artists have been really excited to be a part of this new tradition!” Murray said.

Be sure to stop by and take a look! The Colby Museum will continue this show next year.