Game-winning goal disallowed: Men’s Hockey ties rival Bowdoin

By Will Bedingfield

Colby-Bowdoin hockey matchups always promise to be entertaining, and this weekend’s matchup did not disappoint. Colby extended its unbeaten streak against Bowdoin to five games this Saturday, after sweeping four games against the Polar Bears in the previous two seasons. This year’s rivalry game was contested to the final three seconds of overtime when a Bowdoin save ended the game in a tie.

Despite a disappointing result, Colby Men’s Hockey showed what they are capable of. Heading into the rivalry matchup against Bowdoin, the Mules had a 1–2–1 record. Many of the early season setbacks, now with three games taken to overtime, can be attributed to the class of graduated seniors following the success of last year.

In a nail-biting competition, home fans saw their team come back twice from being down a goal, with scores from Mike Morrissey ’22 and Justin Grillo ’21. Morrissey’s three goals this season have come in the past three games.

Giving Colby the lead in the third period was senior captain Nick O’Connor ’19. Bowdoin’s Cody Todesco was able to tie the game up with under five minutes left in the game, scoring his second goal in the third period.

Heading into overtime, the Mules had out-shot and out-drawn their opponents, shooting the puck 44 times compared to Bowdoin’s 19, and winning 69 percent of the face-offs. With 3.3 seconds left in overtime, Grillo appeared to have scored the game winner. However, the puck was stopped by the Polar Bears’ goalie Erik Wurman, and the 3–3 result stood with a ruling from the officials. Wurman out saved Colby’s goalie, Andrew Tucci ’20, 41 saves to 19, keeping the Polar Bears going under the pressure from Colby’s offense.

“The way I saw the game, [Bowdoin’s] first two goals were some fortunate bounces right to open guys. We didn’t get any of those bounces. We worked hard for our goals,” said Colby coach Blaise MacDonald.

MacDonald has faith in the hardworking spirit his players showed on Saturday, despite failing to close out the game with five minutes to spare. Colby put together their best game of the season this weekend, but still failed to overcome a more seasoned group of Bowdoin players.

As the young Colby team comes together, the future is daunting. On Dec. 4 the Mules defeated on Saint Anselm College, which boasted a 7–5 record, with three wins and a loss in their conference, before their defeat.

While it is still early in the season, Colby will have to find the chemistry they had last year in order to usher in the years of success that can come with a large class of first-year students.

Grillo recognized the relatively young age of the team, saying, “We’re still trying to identify ourselves, but we can simplify the game…instead of waiting for the game to come to you. It’s not necessarily skill stuff, but just that gritty mentality we need to have.”

On Jan. 26, Colby will travel to Brunswick for another hotly contested game. While it is still a month away, there is no doubt the Mules will remember falling short this weekend and look to return with a needed conference win.