Mingle with a mule: Josua Lutian ’18

Sarah Warner

Colby senior Josua Lutian, a psychology and musical computation double major, enjoys participating in a capella, working as a CA, and not eating in Dana.

Spring is coming. The snow is melting, the air is getting warmer, and for Colby’s seniors, graduation is creeping ever closer. As it does, so do all those nagging responsibilities that come with entering the so-called “real world”. Between classes, hunting for jobs, and grad school applications, seniors have a lot on their plate, and a lot that they’re leaving behind. To get to know the class of 2018 before they leave the Hill the Echo sat down to chat with senior Josua Lutian about Davis, dining halls, Denmark, and everything in between.

Lutian, like many of his fellow seniors, is very involved in campus life — especially in the performing arts. His junior year, he wrote and directed his own musical, something not many students can say. He’s also a part of the a capella group “The Megalomaniacs” (Megs), which he claims has been one of the best parts of his experience at Colby.

“The Megs have been a really great support system for me. I’ve made a few of my closest friends in it… because I spend so much time with them so we really got close. And, of course, it all stems from my love of music and performing.”

Lutian has also served as a Community Advisor (CA) since his junior year, an experience which he deems to have been “pretty good”, despite some bumps here and there.

“I’ve been very fortunate as a CA not to have dealt with the super scary things that other CAs have, but I’ve still dealt with some sensitive situations, situations where even though I was prepared and trained for it I didn’t fully understand what it would be like. Once you’re facing some sort of danger or really sensitive issue with a resident you kind of realize ‘Oh, so that’s what that feels like.’”

A double major in psychology and music computation, Lutian has spent countless hours in both Bixler and Davis, claiming the latter has become a second home throughout his years at Colby.

“I found a really great niche home in the computer science department, which is the other side of my [music computation] major. It’s pretty interesting because a lot of the people there are super eclectic but they have such good work ethic. I mean, I think most people are aware that CS students don’t sleep, and that’s pretty much what it is…. There’s a phrase, something along the lines of ‘Davis is my dorm’ or something like that, because people joke about spending so much time there that it might as well be your dorm.”

Lutian doesn’t just stay in Davis and Bixler all the time, though. When he’s feeling hungry, he hikes over to Foss, which he claims has the best food on campus. In his opinion, the other two dining halls — especially Dana — just don’t compare.

“I would rank it as Foss, then Bob’s, then Dana. With Dana, I just don’t get it. When I leave Dana, I always think ‘What did I just eat?’. Basically, Dana sucks. Quote me on that.”

However, for Lutian, Dana’s food hasn’t been the only challenging thing about his Colby experience. A self-described “city boy” from the Philippines, he struggled with the isolation and slow pace that comes with living in rural Maine. The change in climate was difficult too, as Lutian was not prepared for his first Maine winter.

“The weather [at Colby] is very nice in the beginning, and it’s kind of misleading, especially for Admitted Students Day. They pick the most beautiful day of the whole year, and then they bring people in telling them this is what it will be like all the time. People need to come in Jan Plan to know what they’re actually going to experience for most of the year!”

Despite the chilly weather, Lutian claims his overall experience at Colby has been a positive one. He spoke particularly fondly of his time abroad in Denmark.

“I went to Copenhagen the summer before my senior year, and it was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had. I love Europe. I don’t think I could live there, but I had so much fun that summer. I walked so much. There was about 12 hours of daylight there, so I was just under the sun all the time. It was amazing.”

Even in light of all these memories, Lutian said he feels ready to leave Colby.

“I feel like a normal senior. I’m ready to go, but I’m still pretty uncertain of what the future holds, so it has that weird kind of dissonance where I feel ready to leave the Hill but I also need to set things up for myself first. So, I’m pretty happy [about graduating], but also really nervous.”

Before he moves on, though, Lutian has one thing to say to all the Colby students he’s leaving behind.

“Be yourself. I hate that people say that so much, but that’s just the thing that made me happier here… so be yourself, but also give yourself room to actually find out who you are.”

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