Moving on: Colby seniors reflect on their Mayflower Hill experiences

Colby Echo
May 9, 2019 · 3 min read

by Merill Read

As graduation is only a few short weeks away, I can’t help but look back at my four years at Colby. When I arrived on Colby’s campus, I thought I had unlimited time to take advantage of all that college had to offer. I feel as though I have taken advantage of a lot at Colby, from varsity sports to Mediocre Acapella, but still am sad to leave Mayflower Hill and its residents, faculty, and staff.

Speaking with other seniors, I realized that there are a lot of varying feelings heading towards receiving our diplomas: some are ready to move on from their college lives, while others are nervous for this new step into adulthood. However, one thing is for sure. We can look back on our time at Colby and remember both the high peaks and the difficult times.

In talking to these seniors, I was curious what students wished they’d done differently during their time at Colby. I went directly to the source and asked some students of the Class of 2019 to tell me “What would you have done differently during your time at Colby?”

“In all honesty there isn’t anything I would do differently.” — Sophie Wood

“I would spend more time developing relationships with my professors. We’re incredibly lucky to have this opportunity, which is not always the reality at larger schools.” — Will Cohen

“I wish I had been a little more fearless in the pursuit of trying out all my interests. There are clubs and classes I always told myself I’d do eventually that I never made time for.” — Sophia Pelosi

“I honestly don’t think I’d do anything differently. I might not have let the little things bother me, but even then that helped me understand what’s important.” — Riley Whitmyer

“Trying new things earlier during my four years here. There are so many cool people and opportunities you miss if you don’t step out of your comfort zone.” — Matt Mitchell

“If I could restart my time at Colby, I would definitely go to more events on campus. At Colby, we’re lucky to have the ability to attend daily lectures, concerts, art shows, athletic events, etc. Not only are events like these entertaining and educational, they also serve as inspiring displays of how incredibly talented the members of our community are. I’ve been going to student concerts for my music class lately and I wish I had gone to more over my four years.” — Zack Hale

“If I could redo my four years at Colby I would take advantage of more on campus and of the clubs and activities Colby has to offer.” — Will Caffey

“I was asked in an interview: ‘what is your identity on campus?’ This question was difficult to answer. I would be more conscious of who I was here and value every minute on campus. Thank you for everything Colby.” — Ali Raza

“I would have become involved in social groups outside of athletics. I would have loved to be in the COOT program, but field hockey preseason didn’t allow that possibility. I worked within athletics to help lessen the divide between athletes and non-athletes at Colby and I wish I had become more involved in organizations where I could have become closer with peers outside of athletics.” — Kallie Hutchinson

“I wish I… traveled on Colby’s budget, asked for more help, didn’t get parking tickets, was closer with more professors, didn’t change my major four times, joined Improv, met more underclassmen, attended COC trips, met more Mainers, went to local events, went to more diners, skied more, created more, read more, hiked more, danced more, camped more, worried less, and high-key wish I spent more late nights with people I wish I knew better.” — Meg Forelli

“I wish I didn’t do eight semesters as Sports Editor.” — Drew Ladner

Whether they’re content with their four years or wish they could have been more involved, I think it’s clear that many seniors are realizing what an amazing resource Colby has been and continues to be. I hope that underclassmen read these senior thoughts and really take advantage of everything Colby offers. Before you know it, it’s over, and you’ll be walking across the stage in front of Miller Library, diploma in hand.

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