SGA Platforms for 2018–19

Colby Echo

Below are the platforms for individuals and pairs seeking SGA positions for the next academic year.

My name is Taylor Haberstock ’19 and I am running for SGA President. I grew up in a small town in central New York called Skaneateles and graduated high school from the St. Paul’s School. At Colby, I am a CA in Heights, #36 on the lacrosse team, a member of the Academic Integrity Board, a tutor for economics, and a participant in a Healthy Masculinity working group, amongst other things. I am super excited for the opportunity to continue connecting with Colby students and working to give everybody the resources they need to have the best Colby experience they can!

My name is Sam Lee ’20 and I am running alongside Taylor for the position of SGA Vice-President. I was born and raised in Wellesley, MA. On the Hill I am a Class Co-President, a CCAK mentor, and a research assistant in the microbiology lab. SGA has been and continues to be an incredible part of my Colby experience and I am excited to run with Taylor to continue working towards making Colby the best place that it can be!

Our goal for next year is to focus on three overarching themes: social life at Colby, communication with administration, and Waterville-Colby relations.

We want to create a lasting legacy of the Colby experience by embracing and maintaining iconic traditions, working to break down social barriers, creating spaces for community gatherings, and working to identify the core of Colby’s social scene. We plan on doing this by maintaining Colby traditions such as Field Day, Story Time, Doghead, Take Back the Night, Pig Roast, First Weekend, Sounds of Blackness, and Spring on the Hill. In addition, we will create even more signature Colby experiences by supporting student-run events around campus, while also listening to students about new traditions they would like to see. We would also like to continue working with the student body and administration to address drinking culture on campus. This starts by continuing conversations surrounding drinking culture and working with administration to increase the amount of common spaces on campus to support community gatherings. Lastly, we aim to work with a variety of student clubs and groups to bridge the social gaps within the Colby community by reinforcing what it really means to be a Mule. Our goal is to maintain clear communication between the student body and administration, especially pertaining to the Dare Northward campaign and support services for all students on campus.. We want to enhance resources for student health on campus. Our hope is to find and secure ample amounts of support for all students, so that they have access to help when help is needed. We plan to increase support outlets for students to voice their concerns, work with SHOC to provide students with the support they need, and reach out to administration to ensure that student voices are being heard.

We have heard a shared sentiment of feeling left behind as a result of the Dare Northward campaign. Our goal is to incorporate diversity and inclusion task forces in conjunction with administration to provide students with direct financial and administrative support. There is no community without a cohesive relationship between Colby’s students, faculty, staff, and administration. We hope to discussions with the administration to change the dorm vandalism charging system. Students should be held accountable for their actions, and it is unfair that others must compensate for the disruptive behaviors of their peers. Additionally, we want to communicate to the administration that Colby’s campus needs to be more accessible to all students as our campus continues to diversify. This includes investigating ways to make the campus more wheelchair friendly and providing increased lighting around commonly walked areas of campus. Accessibility is key, and we want to be able to assist students in gaining access to the resources they need.

We want to create a Colby community downtown that is open and inclusive to the residents downtown, students who live on campus, and the greater Waterville community. We want to clearly articulate administrative and local police expectations for the downtown space. First, we want to strengthen the relationships that have already been established with local Waterville businesses. Then, our hope is to establish new connections with more businesses to increase a stronger sense of togetherness on and off of the Hill. We would like to work with the Alfond Youth Center and other local organizations to increase Colby student participation in the Waterville community, and encourage the Waterville youth and their families to feel more welcome on the Hill.

We want to work with Colby students, administration, and the Waterville Police Department to explicitly state and communicate the expectations for the downtown dorm. For example, we want to articulate to the student body where it is one exactly enters into Waterville PD response zones rather than zones to which Colby security will respond. Next, we want to do everything we can to support Campus Life, the Pugh Center, and other groups on campus who plan on working and hosting events in the downtown space. We also plan to hone in on and fully comprehend the parking policy so that students have the most accessible parking possible by identifying all parking options within the downtown area. Lastly, we want to try to create a space on campus for students who will be living downtown to be able to store clothing, textbooks and other materials, so that they do not have to constantly commute back and forth between campus and the downtown apartments, and therefore ensuring they will be able to fully participate in the large variety of on-campus activities students host on a day-to-day basis.

Overall, our platform is based upon building bridges. We want to build bridges between students, bridges between Colby and Waterville, and bridges between administration and the student body. We talk about the Colby community and how it is a defining characteristic of this campus, but sometimes it becomes more of an abstract concept than a real-life experience. Thus, we hope that you vote Taylor and Sam so that we can all work together to build bridges to a better Colby!


Hi everyone! My name is Tyra Daruwalla and I am a junior running for SGA Treasurer for 2018–2019.

I am a junior majoring in government and economics with a concentration in financial markets. I am involved in a handful of activities on campus that have made me grow closer to and fonder of the Colby community. This past year I was co-captain of the swimming and diving team, a COOT leader, a Sexual Violence Prevention Peer Educator, and worked on Class Council in the fall. I enjoy partaking in Colby Dancers as well and understand the benefits of having such clubs in order to find a happy and healthy balance at Colby. I hope to continue to expand my involvement in these groups as well as actively aid the goals and desires of other powerful organizations on campus. I am running for treasurer in order to have a more direct hand in engaging the larger Colby and Waterville communities and to help my peers do the same.

Here is my platform on how I plan on improving Colby:

1) Transparency — Improved transparency about goals and guidelines of budget spending. By establishing standards and uniform practices, we can ensure that we have a fair and unbiased approach to the process of determining whether or not a club is fit to receive funding.

2) Resource Allocation — Responsibly allocating funds by understanding and balancing the needs and wants of the student body.

3) Impact, Engagement and Support — As treasurer, I will continue to ensure that clubs have the resources they need to make a powerful impact in the community. I recognize the role these activities play for individual students, the communities themselves, and in making Colby a more vibrant, diverse and connected campus. I will use my role to push further for creativity and engagement in clubs and schoolwide activities that will make the entire student body grow closer and stronger.

I hope you will all participate in this year’s election process and exercise your right to shape Colby into a better place for everyone.


Hi everyone! My name is Scott Gosnell, and I am in the Class of 2019. I am a government major and a managerial economics minor here on campus. This past year I served on SGA as one of the senators for the class of 2019. In this upcoming election, I will be running for the Treasurer position on SGA. As Treasurer, my two primary goals would be to maintain the budget equally and maintain clear communication with the members of the community.

I know that many people need support from the school to help fund their clubs and other important events on campus. As Treasurer I want to be someone who people feel comfortable asking for help, but also maintain the budget in a fair way. I will strive for clear communication, so every student or group who makes a request will know exactly where they stand in the process at all times.

Overall, I am hoping to be someone that can help SGA and the school community in a positive way. As a senior, I want to stay involved with SGA at Colby and hope I can help facilitate a fun year for everyone. I appreciate your vote!


As committed SGA veterans, we will promote friendship, inclusion and respect throughout our grade and the greater Colby community. We will use our grade’s diverse experiences and backgrounds to make our class’s senior year the best it can possibly be. Both of us understand the responsibility and privilege it is to represent the class of 2019 and we will continue to build on the progress we have made during the 2017–2018 school year. Whether it be planning bar nights, senior week, or listening to and understanding how to articulate our classmate’s opinions and views, we will be there to represent you!

We believe that representing our is bigger than ourselves and that we have the real oppritunity to make an impact on Colby.

Between our hard work on our SGA committees this year and planning events for our grade to enjoy, we have worked to make this year enjoyable. We hope that you’ll help us keep our streak and vote us for senior co-presidents!


We, Ashlee Guevara & Ali Rami, are running to continue our Co-Presidency for the Class of 2021, after serving you all in one of the most fulfilling, challenging and stimulating years of our lives. his year, we have successfully faced adversity and grown in a community of open-minded c and talented individuals. During our time in office we have consistently worked on creating awesome events that both the Class of 2021 and the wider campus community could enjoy together. This year we have had some of the most well attended class dinners, provided inclusive programming during Doghead, and ensured that all first-years received a class t-shirt during our time in office, delivering on our campaign promise. Additionally, we participated in the NesGov Conference where we strengthened our relationship with other student governments in the NESCAC. We pledge that if you choose to elect us again, we will work hard to make sure that every member of the Colby community finds their unique support system!

Our goal is simple: We want to build a community that is invested in Student Government and encourages everybody to exercise their voice! We want to increase transparency within SGA, improve relationships between the administration and students, work to lower or eliminate dorm damages, and ensure that everyone has fun.


We would strongly represent the unique perspectives and backgrounds of the Class of 2021. Through our hard work and dedication we believe we can truly make next year more enjoyable for each and everyone of us. A major initiative we wish to pursue going forward would be our “Arts Exhibition Week” in which we strongly publicize and encourage all students to attend various art presentations. SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) has a similar practice in which athletes attend each other’s games and we hope to build a similar mutual interest between athletics and arts. Another idea we have is our Class of ’21 ‘Meet a Mule’ initiative in which every day the Class of 2021’s instagram will feature a post of a student in our class and a little bit about themselves. The goal surrounding this project would be that we not only learn about each other as a class but that we also have the opportunity to meet others with similar interests. We would also like to begin strengthening our bond with the Waterville community by holding a Senior Citizen Prom which would allow students to meet the residents and allow Colby to open its doors to the community. We look forward to rewarding the incredible achievements and talents our class has to offer through these events! We will always be open to ideas and suggestions!


We are Sam Kane & Ben Freeland, and we are running to represent the Class of 2020 as co-presidents for the fall semester! Both of us are engaged community members — leading COOTs, campus tours and participating in clubs like the Colbyettes and Rugby. We wish to host fun events for juniors to have an outlet to de-stress and socialize — from hosting a fall Spikeball tournament to providing a special 2020 discount for juniors’ first drink at the pub to organizing a karaoke night and a “trip to the beach” day.

We intend to foster a sense of communication between our class and SGA, proposing that each SGA motion require 25 signatures from non-SGA members in order to vote on it. We will address concerns about the athletic center: we want to publish which spaces in the AC teams will be using and when, as well as information on the number of people visiting the weight room at a given time. As well, we are planning a “welcome back” mingle event in the downtown dorm, and our class’ Instagram page will feature a different junior abroad every week, functioning similar to “This Colby Now” Instagram page., We hope to reinstitute the Colby Deal, which offers Colby students discounts at select shops and restaurants in Waterville. This is simply a sampling of the many ideas we have brainstormed and of our enthusiasm that we’ll bring to our class and the greater Colby community.We would be honored to serve as the junior class co-presidents this fall!