Students anticipate arrival of parents on the Hill

By Sonia Lachter

The countdown to Family Homecoming Weekend, or Parent’s Weekend, is upon us. From Oct. 5–7, Mayflower Hill will be filled with moms, dads, sisters, brothers, alumni, and everybody in-between visiting their students after the first month of the fall semester. Colby families will have the opportunity to experience the many facets of Colby’s campus life: eating in the dining halls, visiting the Museum of Art, watching Colby sports teams play, and attending various departmental receptions. They’ll also be able to attend some more “unique” events, including a discussion with Senator Angus King on the upcoming midterm elections (Friday Oct. 5, 10–11 a.m., Silberman Lounge) and a Goldfarb Center panel and breakfast on the topic of Democracy and the Shrinking Newsroom (Sunday Oct. 7, 9–10:45 a.m., Alumni Center).

First year Isabel Hoffman’s parents are coming for Homecoming Weekend from their home in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. In preparation for the weekend, Hoffman said in a recent interview with the Echo that she plans on “doing my homework ahead of time so I can spend time with my parents.”

Caroline Beecher ’22 will also be visited by her parents, as well as her little sister. She’s excited to spend time with them and show them “the wonderful friends I’ve made here at Colby.” In an interview with the Echo, Beecher stated that before her parents arrive in Waterville she’s going to “make sure I change my sheets, do my laundry, clean my room… be a responsible adult.”

First year Alex Ozols’ parents will also be joined by his siblings this Homecoming Weekend. Ozols explained in an interview with the Echo that he is most excited to show them around “where I study…in Davis Connects…in the black chairs, they’re the most comfy chair on campus!” When asked how he’d react if his family were to be unable to make this trip up from New York State, Ozols said he’d feel “sad because I miss them, but I’m seeing them for fall break.”

As Ozols alluded to, fall break is the weekend directly following Homecoming Weekend (Oct. 12–16) and many students, including Hoffman, Ozols, and Beecher, will go back home for the extended five-day weekend. First year Mariah King’s parents will not be attending Family Homecoming Weekend, she explained in a recent interview with the Echo, because of the proximity in timing of the two events, and the fact that she too will be venturing home for fall break. King’s parents have already visited campus this year multiple times, but won’t be coming to the designated parents weekend due to the fact that, according to King, “that’s not really their thing. Like, they’re not into structured, organized events.”

Sam Kane-Jimenez ’20 has had a very different experience with both Parent’s Weekend and fall break than many. Kane-Jimenez hails from Monterrey, Mexico, almost 2,500 miles from the Hill. Besides her mother accompanying her to international orientation her first year, Kane-Jimenez’s family has never been to the Colby campus. Kane-Jimenez attributes this to the fact that “it’s not really worth 12 hours up and 12 hours down if you’re only going to be able to spend 48 hours here, and it’s just really cumbersome and it’s obviously a lot more expensive than if you’re driving from Boston. You know, buying three or four plane tickets for the rest of my family is a lot more than just filling up a tank of gas and driving north.”