Students celebrate handmade goods at Makers Market

Colby Echo
May 9, 2019 · 2 min read

by Claire Borecki

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Samuel Onche ’22 sold and displayed his artwork at the Makers Market in Foss on Sat. May 4.

Colby students held a popup Makers Market in Foss on Sat. May 4. The event was sponsored by the Student Government Association. Students and faculty enjoyed an afternoon of free food, drinks, live music, and the opportunity to enjoy and purchase artwork and various other creations from their fellow students. Items included baked goods and other food, clothing, jewelry, and various forms of studio art. There were also several performative pieces, which were given over an open mic. Joe Yauch ’19 of the Colby Woodsmen’s Team was selling wooden crafts. Next to him, Alex Berardo ’19 sold both paintings and a collection of clamshell candles. Samuel Onche ’22 sold detailed drawing that brought in a crowd by mid-afternoon. Miranda Shao’s “The bar” sold a variety of different dessert bars. Grant Santos ’19, who performed at the market, said the most memorable part of the day was an impromptu performance of “Put Your Records On” with Jayla Moss ’22. “It was an incredibly cool experience and I was proud of her for being so brave,” Santos said. Kacey LaBonte ’19, who led efforts to organize the event, said, “The market surpassed my high expectations and I’m hopeful that future makers at Colby will continue to have the space and support to keep creating.” Sarah Vandal ’19, who also organized the event, said the Makers Market was a “great success and I look forward to seeing this event evolve and hopefully grow next year.” Sam Gould ’21, who came to visit the Makers Market with friends, said “The artwork is really impressive… I’ve had a great time getting to appreciate artists at Colby I’ve never met before.”

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