Witch Went Left

by Zachary Bergman

Witch Went Left, a musical duo of unidentified student witches, put on a masked performance at the Mary Low Coffeehouse the night of Sat. March 2.

A new musical duo, Witch Went Left, had its debut performance at the Mary Low Coffeehouse. One of the members of Witch Went Left played the violin, while the other played the piano. The duo performed songs by Ludwig van Beethoven, John Williams, Yann Tiersen, Mike O’Donnell (the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song), Clint Mansell and Lorde, providing their audience with “a wide array of various genres,” as one of the members of the group explained.

The group consists of two Colby students, who wished only to be identified by their astrological signs (Gemini and Aries). The two students also wore steel masks throughout their performance in an effort to remain anonymous and keep the focus on the music rather than the performers.

“We really worked on visuals…The lights were dimmed almost to complete darkness at the beginning, and we wore masks to remove the humanistic influence,” the duo explained. “It’s all about the music…This was an experience, and we don’t want it to be about us, because it’s not about us.”

When asked to describe their performance to the Echo, Witch Went Left said it “Provided an out-of-body experience for the Colby community through song, visuals and aesthetic,” and that they aimed to make it “Mysterious, elevated,” and “third-eye opening.”

Members of the audience gave nothing but positive feedback when asked about the performance.

“It was amazing,” Lily Wilson ’19 said after attending the performance. “They were immensely talented.”

“It was a ton of fun, they really knew their stuff,” Ian Ellmer ’22, another member of the audience, told the Echo.

“As for how we feel it went, I would say transcendent,” one of the performers said.

“I think I was changed. I feel like a different person,” the second performer said.

The only hiccup of the night occurred when a member of the audience interrupted the performance by joining the performers on the stage and playing their piano.

“A literal child started playing on the piano in the middle of our performance after we told him to stop repeatedly…I think if we could make a change for the better next time it would be a security detail,” one of the performers said.

“Sometimes the experience can be a little too intense, and that’s understandable. I realize why he acted out,” the other performer said when asked about the incident.

Through the masks and the darkness, Witch Went Left had a difficult time seeing the audience and recognizing its size.

“It was hard to tell due to how dark it was, but from the low rumblings and the thunderous applause that we were receiving, I would say well over 100 came by,” Witch Went Left said before quickly changing its estimate to 150 people. “We would estimate exactly and approximately 150 guests. I’m really good at estimations and I am positive it was 150 if not well more than that. 150 is either spot on or the bare minimum,” the group explained.

The Echo estimates that there were eight or nine people in attendance. Ellmer was able to corroborate the Echo’s estimate.

Although it does not currently have a second performance scheduled, Witch Went Left said there will likely be one. The duo said that astrology will determine if and when it puts on another performance.

“We have to look and see when the stars align and it’s appropriate for us to provide this experience, but from what we know it seems to be coming together again shortly, in the next few weeks,” one of the performers said.
 “It’s also about what the music needs,” The second performer said. “When the music needs us we will come back to it, but not before then. We’re not going to impose ourselves on the music.”

Keep an eye on the Mary Low Coffeehouse schedule for a potential second performance by Witch Went Left.