Time Management Nirvana

My final exams has started this week. Yesterday, I woke up at 05:00 AM and immediately started studying. After going through pages of Biology material, while listening to 24/7 lofi hiphop beats, I finished studying at around 04:00 PM, which is a good thing. Normally, I would study and cram all night.

Between my study time, I did some coding challenges in HackerRank (finishing the warm ups for Algorithms) and CodeWars. I had a really great time, being able to do something I like in the midst of school work is a rare thing. What I got from this is that if I fill up my schedule with important things, then I would be able to get the most out of my day.

From the challenges, I was able to learn how to find the maximum and minimum value in an array of numbers. What I did was initialize the maximum and minimum variable to the first element in the array. Next, go through a for loop, looping on each element. If there is an element that is bigger or smaller than the maximum or minimum respectively, then it will change it’s value to said element.

Another thing I learned is about using “and” in conditions. I first learned about this in one of Codecademy’s courses, which made me pretty excited to learn about this. Throughout my Journeyman progress of coding, I have never thought of using “and” in conditional statements, even though I have already learned about it theoretically. This just proves the point that: the best way to learn programming is by doing. By writing code, thinking about how the code will work. I really really hope I can keep up this habit of coding everyday.

An example of using and conditions is if looping through an array, and finding the same element, I could use

if (condition) and array.index(for) != n

which basically means if it is in the same index, which I do not want, then don’t run the for loop.

What’s amazing about this is that usually I would write the if statement in just one condition, and then writing another if statement for the array.index(for) != n part down below, or inside the first if statement. (Writing about it is hard enough).

The Forrest App also helped me get rid of my phone addiction. Yesterday, I was able to plant 500 minutes worth of trees.

However, there are still some evaluation. No matter how hard I focus, there will be a learning capacity for that day. Even though Leonardo Da Vinci said that learning never exhausts the mind, memorizing does, especially if it’s Biology. So lesson learned: stretch my study schedule.