5 Ways To Deal With Uncomfortable Emotions.

We all have emotions that can overtake our day, and even our attitudes throughout the day.

The key is to learn how control them. After all… they are just emotions. Emotions can become habits if you let them; otherwise, emotions are just feelings that let you know if you should change something in your life.

Emotions are like clouds — They may cover your sunshine, but they cannot cover your sky.

From what I have studied about emotions, I have found 5 positive ways to deal with emotions that are uncomfortable. Those ways are:

1. Meditation Rules The Nation.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing I tend to do is give thanks for making it another day! Even though gratitude is on my list… meditation is just as important. When you close your eyes, clear your mind, and inhale excellence while breathing out doubt; you direct the way your day goes, and control your energy while clearing your mind during meditation. Meditation, is a learned skill. It will take numerous amounts of hours and practice. But the rewards of controlling your greatest desires and wishes… are the absolute greatest! If you don’t master it, it’s okay. Meditation is a state of being… that will take a lifetime to master, as you’re constantly growing daily. The mind will take time to master; as it is the most complicated and magnificent organ in the body.

2. Start The Day With Positive Intentions.

Now meditation is the strong force to start your day with positive intention. When you start your day off with these intentions, things will go smoothly throughout your day. Intend to keep a positive mentality when something bad happens in your day. Intend to not let outside circumstances steal your joy within; A peace of mind is the most precious thing we have. Intend to tell yourself that you are the greatest version of yourself, you will lend a helping hand to whoever needs it, so that you may receive blessings back 10 fold. Intend to let yourself know that you’re doing your best, and you will keep going and keep a positive mentality… no matter what happens. These things are gratitude filled and POWERFUL. Intend to let negative emotions pass and go on about their business. You’re a positive force; no room for negativity. Acknowledge them, but let them pass, AND KEEP BEING GREAT!

3. Do Not Let Uncomfortable Emotions Live With You.

As I stated earlier; Uncomfortable/negative emotions are just passing by. When you decide to let them live inside your head and camp out for a while… they get comfortable, and become part of your life!

The only thing that should be living inside your mind and head, are positive thoughts, and the idea of the future. Anxiety is a BIG uncomfortable emotion. I have dealt with anxiety for a majority of my life. It would literally keep me from doing the things I wanted to, and keep me from even considering anything about my future. It had a deathly choke hold on me, and was strangling the life out of me, until I decided to help pack its bags, rent a U-haul, and start the moving out process. Best decision I have ever made. I now have love, happiness, prosperity and abundance as roommates. They will always spend time with me and keep me good company. Negative emotions are like weeds in your healthy, peaceful garden. What do you do to weeds that are caught growing in your garden? CHOP THEM DOWN and poison them!

Keep your mind, thoughts and actions fresh and watered. You don’t live at your physical residence… you live in your mind. Think about that.

4. Sling That Iron And Get That Heart Rate Up.

Don’t be petrified by the phrase “ Slang that iron”… It is a harmless term for lifting weights. But the message is still the same. Go to the gym in the morning and lift some weights. Studies show that when you start to get the blood flowing, you tend to be sharper mentally, and more focused. I find that to be very true. I go to the gym at least 5 days a week. The days I don’t go I don’t feel as good, as the days I do go, and some negative thoughts pass by, because I didn’t go. My game is just a tad bit off. So I really don’t like to miss the gym, but family is just as important as health.

A family that has a strong bond, can always lift each other up in negative times. When you go to the gym and exercise, you are doing it for your family and yourself. Think about it if you’re not around to spend time with your kids or wife, because you let negativity win, and are now too unhealthy to run, or even walk with your family. Health is wealth. It is just as important as making a living. We stress ourselves out at the job and tend to miss the gym. It boils down to priorities. If your job is more important than your overall health… you may need to reevaluate your priorities. Health links to positivity, believe it or not. Stay healthy and happy!

5. Write Down Your Goals For The Week.

I know it sounds a little weird, but I find it to be very beneficial to keep a clear mentality and vision.

When you see your goals written down on paper, or written up on your laptop… it does something to your mentality and focus. Even if it’s just for the week, it will give you something to look forward to and work towards. That alone — keeps your mind off of negative things such as: Having anxiety trying to figure out what you’re going to get accomplished for the week. You don’t have to worry about that because you will have a visual right in front of you.

Also, when you see your million dollar goals written down in your handwriting, it makes it more real to the eye; thus making it more attainable. Positive emotions come with the territory of goals. It’s when you don’t have goals… that the mind wanders. When the mind wanders, it’s kind of like a toddler… it will get into trouble. When you have a positive grasp on your mentality, your actions will be positive and results, too.

Keep your goals close to you, and crush them every day. But it all starts with your mentality and the way you think! So think big and positive.

Instead of letting uncomfortable emotions run your life… use these steps to quiet the negative; and let the positive become the victor!