Must-visit Cities in Eastern Europe — by Collin Fell, Businessman & Traveller

If you are planning on traveling to Eastern Europe, you may be considering several areas for your trip. It can be difficult to narrow down your choices as to where to go and what attractions to see.

Colin Fell travels often to Eastern Europe and has found several areas that are worth visiting again and again. There is always something left unseen and unless you know where to travel, you might miss out on something of interest to you. Below are a few must-visit cities of Eastern Europe that you should add to your travel plans.

Tallin’s Town Hall. Photo by Nathalie Gouzée on Unsplash

Tallinn, Estonia

Located in Estonia, Tallinn is a lovely place to visit year-round. Tallinn has a fairy-tale feel with old world charm combined with modern restaurants and new construction. The area is budget-friendly, so you can easily add this stop to your travel plans. In the Old Town, the walled city looks like a storybook with cobbled streets and homes that date back centuries. There are even party spots in the city if you wish to have a few drinks and fraternize with the locals. If you love antiques, be sure to visit the local shops filled with the oddest and oldest curiosities and of course try theGarlic Restaurant where everything, and I mean everything (including ice cream) hasa garlic content rated from 1–5, 5 being veritable Vampire inhibitors!

Krakow, Poland


Located in Poland, Krakow is an ideal spot for travelers looking to view historical sites as well as enjoy shopping and dining. Krakow is home to what remains of the Jewish Quarter as well as the Schindler factory and museums which tell the story of Poland’s history. Once you view the historic city of the city, travel to a modern café for a meal and enjoy shopping in the many retail spots along the way. Don’t miss out on the Jazz club, with a capacity of no more than 60 covers it is one of the most intimate you will ever experience, then go end the night with a Sashlik sausage from one of the high quality street vendors you are sure to find.

Budapest, Hungary

Source: The Crazy Tourist

Found in Hungary, Budapest is a great spot for foodies to travel to. Known as the Pearl of the Danube, travelers to this region can actually visit two cities in one. A cultural experience awaits as travelers can visit both sides of the iconic bridge located on the Danube River, where Hungarian cuisine can be had along with many unique experiences, including visiting one of the many bathhouses that are available via hot springs.

The food and wine are a big factor to why tourists love Budapest. Enjoy a host of Hungarian dishes as well as sample wine in local bistros or choose to take a cooking course for fun and learning. The sweets of the regions are to die for and should not be missed, including tortes and cakes.

Riga, Latvia


In Latvia, the city of Riga is a must see when traveling to Eastern Europe. The architecture in this region is amazing, with gothic buildings topped with gargoyles as well as plazas and homes that look like gingerbread houses. Museums, churches and more should be toured so travelers have a true idea of the uniqueness of this city. The water is a big tourist attraction in this region with boating, swimming and other activities on offer.

These are just a few of the must-see cities of Eastern Europe. Add a few to your next traveling itinerary in order to get to know the various regions in this area of the world just a little bit better!

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