Top Travelling Destinations in Southeast Asia — By Colin Fell, Travelling Businessman

Travelling can be fun, especially if you are able to visit exotic destinations. In Southeast Asia, there are many places one can travel to in order to enjoy new experiences and to get to know more of the world. Colin Fell often travels to Southeast Asia and has developed a love for the many regions of the area. In Mainland Southeast Asia, there are many areas you can visit to enjoy exotic travel, meet friendly faces and try new foods.

Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore are just a few places you might love to explore.

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Bangkok, Thailand

One of the best places to visit in the Thailand region is Bangkok. For a first-time traveler to Asia, this is a great place to start. From here, you can experience the busy traffic, heat, local food stalls, and unique tuk-tuk drivers. One tip when traveling in this region is to use a boat or the Skytrain. When you get into the local traffic with vehicles, it can get crazy and traffic jams are common. When visiting, be sure to try the local foods and visit the temples for a visual and spiritual experience.

Hanoi, Vietnam

When traveling to Vietnam, a good stating point is Hanoi. The streets of Hanoi are a flurry of activity. You will see local women carrying baskets on their heads full of fruit or other goods. Food abounds in this region and you can easily try local favorites as you walk down the busy streets. Near Hanoi is Halong Bay, where you can enjoy beautiful island scenery and relax as you enjoy your exotic travels.

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When considering a trip to a region in Southeast Asia, it is important to consider several factors such as when to go and your transportation options. The busiest time of year for tourists to the region is from December to February. If you travel during this time, you will be competing for places to stay as well as more traffic. Going in a low season can ensure the area will be less congested and you will be able to find more options for your accommodations.

It is also important to consider transportation. The city of Bangkok is considered the best place for air travel and offers affordable flights that will take you to anywhere in Southeast Asia. If you arrive in Bangkok, you have the ability to travel elsewhere from one central location.

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As mentioned earlier, accommodations are important to consider as well. In most places in the region, you can find accommodations for as low as $15 to $20 a night. This amazingly low cost is beneficial as you can travel to several regions in Southeast Asia and stay in various places without breaking the bank.

Consider your overall price range for accommodations and research your options in the region you will be visiting to find the best option for your budget as well as travel needs.

For first time travelers to Southeast Asia, the planning process can be overwhelming. Just give yourself plenty of time and learn more about traveling in this region to feel comfortable and excited about an upcoming trip!

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