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The Co-Liv Network

Coliving is not solely a real estate niche industry focused on easy access to property — it is a movement that has the potential to change people’s lives for the better, to give its residents a sense of belonging, to offer affordable housing, and to push individuals to new heights of personal and professional growth.

Launching: the Art of Coliving

Part One: User Experience

  • Identify the role and activities of community managers to help coliving spaces structure their organization and offer a life-enhancing user experience to their residents
  • Analyze best practices in space design and architecture to offer residents a feeling of home, community, and individuality
  • Explain the use of technology to facilitate operations and offer a smoother user experience
  • Share best practices on how to allow individuality and the feeling of ownership to create more stickiness with customers
  • Showcase success stories on how to involve the larger neighborhood community to position coliving as a social value creator
  • And portray strategies to create feelings of connection, joy, and surprise to surpass residents’ expectations when moving in

Part Two: Growth & Scalability

  • Offer an overview of how to incorporate in leading countries to allow growth and scalability for coliving concepts in financially interesting markets
  • Portray the full business model landscape of the industry to understand how coliving operators can improve their business models and make their spaces more financially sustainable
  • Showcase success cooperation with government entities to help other operators craft relationships with the public sector and push towards regulations and permissions that support the movement.
  • Share best practices on scalability within coliving companies to contribute to the growth of the “small” players while learning from the institutionally backed ones
  • And explore techniques to reduce operational costs while maintaining the same level of user experience and space quality

How to Contribute

  • As a coliving operator: share your insights and get your operational best practices featured in the book
  • As an industry supporter: take a supportive role as book sponsor and get accredited for your help
  • As a coliving enthusiast: follow the journey on social media and share the initiative with your network

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