Featured Member: Josh Martin of Outsite

Josh Martin, Head of Sales

Like many of his peers in the co-living sector, Bay-area native Josh Martin once worked at a traditional company and dreamed of pursuing a more fulfilling career.

To break out of what he began to see as a personal plateau, Martin decided to take a position at Remote Year, a program designed for digital nomads who want to travel the world while working remotely. As an employee of an earlier-stage company, he helped make decisions that built Remote Year into the company that it is today.

“Through Remote Year, I noticed the Digital Nomad movement was a lot bigger than I thought it was,” Martin said. “There were more companies than I ever anticipated hiring remote workers, and I believe that this development is one of the more exciting trends we’re seeing in this generation.”

While working at Remote Year, Martin crossed paths with many people from many walks of life, including Emmanuel Guisset, the founder of Outsite, a company that was charting its future at the intersection of co-living and digital nomads. Martin joined the company and has hitched his professional trajectory to the growth of digital nomads.

“Remote work is already becoming mainstream, and that’s why I am the most excited about what companies like Outsite are doing,” Martin said. “We’re building a global network that you can take advantage of completely independently.”

Sales professionals in co-living

As Outsite’s Sales Manager, Martin coordinates a wide range of business including memberships and client outreach. Martin told the Lab he believes sales in the co-living sector is different than selling other products because of the lifestyle element.

“The main thing is you’re not just selling a product, you’re selling a lifestyle,” Martin said. “Often times, people don’t come to me with their lifestyle fully formed. They’re in the process of figuring out how to work remotely. We’re not just talking about the idea of traveling, but traveling, working, building community, networking.”

Part of Martin’s professional portfolio at Outsite is the Nomad Stories event, which marries storytelling with the lifestyle he sells on a daily basis.

“Our Nomad Stories event is a chance for leaders in the remote workspace to discuss their experience,” Martin said. “We pick a topic that relates to remote work and hosts a panel. We use it to inspire others to embrace the lifestyle.”

More about Outsite

Martin believes that Outsite is building a brand that offers a consistent accommodation experience that facilitates work and travel simultaneously.

“The brand focuses on making this happen by providing clean and comfortable facilities, dedicated workspaces with fast internet while plugging you into a curated group of professionals that serve as an instant community,” Martin said.

Outsite’s clientele includes a healthy mix of professionals who stay for varied time periods, including quick retreats, extended work trips, or a several-months-long work vacation.

The company currently has 13 houses spread all over the globe including New York City, several in California, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Bali, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Portland and Austin. They will open two more homes in the near future.

“The idea is basically you can count on these facilities being available to you in every major city in the world. As a member, you can pop in and out and expect consistency,” Martin said.

For more information on Outsite, visit their website by clicking here.

Josh Martin, Head of Sales