Presenting: The Agenda for Co-Liv Summit 2018

Oct 10, 2018 · 4 min read
Co-Liv Summit 2018 Agenda

We hope you’ll be there tomorrow for : the very first event of its kind in Europe to explore the co-living phenomena.

We are gathering together thought-leaders and industry professionals from all over the world to share stories, debate and workshop solutions around the future of housing.

Doors open at 3PM [15h] at in Paris, where attendees will find themselves surrounded by an international audience of co-living founders, operators, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, architects, investors, designers, and enthusiasts — all ready to connect around the challenges and possibilities of shared housing ventures.

Join us for an inspiring trip through the past present and future of housing with the very best minds in the industry.

Please find the full agenda below.

Co-living past and future: exploring the social, design and economic sustainability of shared housing

Day 1: Thursday, October 11

Welcome & Opening talk
Welcome by Fabrice Simondi and Ryan Fix from
Talk by Claire Flurin from
Time: 16:00–16:10

What is co-living? Forms and challenges
Talk by Virginia Scapinelli from
Time: 16:10–16:30
Format: Talk

A look back at the last 100 years, the past lives in the present
Talk by Siobhan McManus from
Time: 16:30–16:50
Format: Talk

From Zoku, our hospitality take on co-living
Talk by Hans Meyer from
Time: 16:50–17:10
Format: Talk

Profiling co-livers
Moderated by Lucas Crobach from , with Stephanie Morio from and Claire Flurin from
Time: 17:10–17:50
Format: Interview

Co-living in the year 2030
Talk by Irene Pereyra from
Time: 17:50–18:10
Format: Talk

— — Break — —
Time: 18:10–18:20

The Billion-Person Market You Haven’t Thought About Yet
Talk by Matthias Hollwich from
Time: 18:20–18:40
Format: Talk

Co-living as a societal inclusion stakeholder
Talk by Laurent de Cherisey from
Time: 18:40–19:00
Format: Talk

Co-living as an enabler for a new remote economy
Talk by Dane Andrews from
Time: 19:00–19:20
Format: Talk

Co-living: being in the business of community. What we’ve learnt and how you can overcome the challenges
Talk by Ed Thomas from
Time: 19:20–19:40
Format: Talk

Co-living as a city builder, the good and the bad
Talk by Jonathan Imme, Consultant to the City of Berlin
Time: 19:40–20:00
Format: Talk

Wrap-up, Pitch and Networking
Talk by Fabrice Simondi from
Time: 20:00–20:15

— — Beers and Networking — —

Day 2: Friday, October 12

Opening talk and Welcome
Talk by Claire Flurin and Fabrice Simondi from
Time: 11:00–11:10

Conscious Co-living manifesto workshop
Talk by Conscious Co-Living
Time: 11:10–12:10
Format: Workshop

[FR] Co-living and the city: how to meet cities needs and break old barriers + Q&A
Talk by Fabrice Simondi (moderator) with Claire Flurin from , Lucie Molina from , Dominique Esnault from , Maxime Armand from and Emmanuelle Cosse
Time: 12:10–13:10
Format: Round-table + Q&A

— — Lunch — —
Time: 13:10–14:00

Collective debate: “Who should co-living be for?”
Moderated by Sarah Berthault from with by Antonin Leonard from and Fabrice Simondi from
Time: 14:00–14:20

Co-living: being in the business of community. What have you learned and how can we overcome the challenges?
Workshop by Ed Thomas and Matt Lesniak from
Time: 14:00–15:00
Format: Workshop

— — Break — —
Time: 15:00–15:10

Designing the unknown: how to design for permanent beta communities
Talk by Christian Pagh from
Time: 15:10–16:10
Format: Workshop

— — Break — —
Time: 16:10–16:20

Designing sustainable business models + Q&A
Moderated by Antonin Leonard with Dane Andrews from , Victor Douce (private investor), Clément Bellec (industry product development expert and coliver) and Amaury Courbon from
Time: 16:20–17:20
Format: Round-table + Q&A

— — Break — —
Time: 17:20–17:30

Positive Impact: How Co-living and Coworking are changing the landscape of rural areas and small communities
Talk by Julianne Becker from with William Van De Broek from and Jon Hormaetxe from
Time: 17:30–18:30
Format: Round-table

— — Closing — —

Sum-up of the day
Talk by Claire Flurin from
Time: 18:30–18:35

IMAGINE Magazine Launch
Talk by
Time: 18:35–18:50

Wrap up & Invitation to drinks and networking
Talk by Claire Flurin and Fabrice Simondi from with Antonin Leonard from
Time: 18:50–20:30

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