Claire Flurin
Jun 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear Co-Living Colleagues,

PUREHOUSE LAB is now Co-Liv! We wholeheartedly believe our new look and feel better reflects our organizational identity as the world’s only professional hub for the co-living industry.

While we are proud of our Pure House heritage, there has been much confusion over our identity and our affiliation with a private company that many consider one of the first modern co-living brands. We had a strong desire to eliminate these barriers and make every person and organization feel comfortable with joining us without hesitation.

To clear up these misconceptions and create a more inclusive brand, we embarked on this not-so-easy journey to change our name. Reflecting on our mission and our core objectives, we settled on rechristening ourselves as Co-Liv!. Our new, straightforward name leaves little to the imagination about who we are and what we do.

We believe that this new identity asserts our independence as a collaborative professional association while explicitly encompassing the entire global co-living movement. We remain steadfast in our commitment to our member-driven network by providing a bottom-up approach to creating a sustainable co-living industry. The lab is made by and for its members. Our holistic and global perspective means that we all share ownership of the co-living movement worldwide.

In the past two years, we’ve solidified our reputation as a hive of knowledge-sharing and cooperative learning, where people come to connect, collaborate, and network with their industry peers. We are the tie that binds professional spheres in co-living, including community, space, policy, business models, communications, and services and tools.

Needless to say, this is a very exciting time for the co-living movement, and Co-Liv! will continue to help guide the creation of a global narrative about co-living.

Throughout this transition, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are a non-profit for everyone in the co-living industry, and accordingly, every single person in the industry is an ambassador.

If you’re not already a member of our growing peer-to-peer network, we encourage you to join us in our efforts as we set the stakes for a new paradigm in real estate and combating the global housing crisis by supporting and facilitating the diffusion of co-living worldwide.

Thank you for playing an important part in this adventure!


Claire Flurin
Executive Director, Co-Liv! formerly PUREHOUSE LAB

Co-Liv / THINK

Our co-living lab's blog

Claire Flurin

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I develop creative land use and urban sustainability strategies that enhance livability in global cities, and reconcile traditional real estate with innovation.

Co-Liv / THINK

Our co-living lab's blog

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