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Same Collab.Land — New Collab.Brand

A native Web3 project grows up.

Our robot hands.
Our new mascot will help guide new members who join our community of communities.
🤖 ADMIN NOTE: If you have been sent more than one newly branded “Let’s Go” button, you can delete additional buttons or wait for Collab.Land to do so for you.
GM. Now all I need is a name!
With developer-mode on, you can also confirm Collab.Land Discord UserID: 704521096837464076

Collab.Land is a read-only application. When you sign a message, you attest that you own a particular wallet address. Collab.Land reads the public blockchain to verify that the wallet address is connected to the required token address to grant a role. There is no opportunity for Collab.Land to have access to anything other than your public wallet address, which is viewable to everyone.



building tools for tokenized communities

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