Same Collab.Land — New Collab.Brand

Anjali Young
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3 min readNov 30, 2022


A native Web3 project grows up.

What started as a simple token-gating experiment in a single Telegram channel in the Spring of 2020 has grown to become crucial Web3 infrastructure.

And now we get to look the part!

Under the deft and delightful direction of NightShift, Collab.Land is fit to take its spot as a premier Web3 brand. You’ll be seeing our look transition over the next few weeks!

What hasn’t changed: Collab.Land’s mission to create safe and collaborative spaces for tokenized-communities.

What we’ve kept: Those familiar robot hands from our handshake are now a part of our mascot. They are an homage to what we’ve created together and how we will continue to collaborate and support you as we all grow.

Our robot hands.
Our new mascot will help guide new members who join our community of communities.

This next era of Collab.Land will be even greater than what we have already built, and we’re taking you with us every step of the way.

Notable Changes you may have already noticed:

New “Let’s Go” Button:

🤖 ADMIN NOTE: If you have been sent more than one newly branded “Let’s Go” button, you can delete additional buttons or wait for Collab.Land to do so for you.

New Wallet Connection Page:

And we’d love your help naming our new mascot! Tweet us @collab_land_ or engage with this article to share your favorite names. We will be putting out a poll in the future!

GM. Now all I need is a name!


And as always, we appreciate you for being a member of Collab.Land’s community of communities! Always confirm you are interacting with the verified Discord bot #6372.

With developer-mode on, you can also confirm Collab.Land Discord UserID: 704521096837464076

Collab.Land is a read-only application. When you sign a message, you attest that you own a particular wallet address. Collab.Land reads the public blockchain to verify that the wallet address is connected to the required token address to grant a role. There is no opportunity for Collab.Land to have access to anything other than your public wallet address, which is viewable to everyone.



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