Introducing collabee: Less chatting, more doing!

We’re excited to announce that collabee’s beta web platform and iOS & Android mobile applications are available for public use.
Visit to create your account, and try it out with your team for free.
Check out our ‘Getting Started Guide’ to help get started and find out about collabee’s great features.

It’s a great world we live in these days. We no longer have email as our only option for communicating with our team. A countless number of platforms have been introduced that help teams with real-time communication, project & task management, and file management. All we have to do now is, find the right combination of tools that fit and can optimize the way our teams work.

However, with this ever-growing popularity of various communication platforms and tools, more and more teams are faced with the difficulty of having their information fragmented throughout multiple channels. Teams are using email for external communication, messengers for internal, project management tools to manage team tasks, cloud storage platforms to store their files, and so forth.

Collabee was created with the goal to help all different types of teams organize and manage their communication and collaboration from one central platform. By eliminating fragmented discussions, workflow, and shared content, teams can spend more time focusing on getting things accomplished, instead of spending their workday constantly monitoring these tools.

We began our private beta earlier this year and worked closely with a wide-range of organizations that include software development companies, crowd funding platforms, capital management firms, legal practices, IoT manufacturer, and media companies. The common feedback we get from them is that collabee has helped them:

  • “totally eliminate internal email communications and those annoyingly long email threads.” says Joonseong Ko, CEO — 10 Ping
  • “organize our communications and workflow so we always know exactly where to go to find all the information related to the issues we care about.” says Jung Yun Lim, Design Team Lead — WADIZ
  • “reduce our reliance on so many different tools.” says Joo ho Shin, CIO — AndBeyond Capital Management.

How collabee works:

collabee Demo video

We created collabee with the understanding that teams communicate and collaborate with each other to share and address various issues. With collabee teams can follow the natural progression of how collaboration occurs for each issue in one easy to manage screen. With collabee, you can:

  • facilitate all communication and collaboration by each of the issues you’re team addresses. Discussing multiple issues simultaneously in an open chat environment leads to missed communications, conversations going off-topic, and dilution of content. Collabee organizes all communication by each issue so you can have focused discussions that can always be found easily.
  • limit the amount of time you waste on irrelevant issues. With email, recipients cannot control what threads they’re involved in, and with messaging apps users usually do not have control over which issues are discussed in the groups chats they’re involved in. Having all communication organized by issues helps you limit irrelevant content by simply turning off the notifications for the issues you’d like to follow passively. You can also rest assured, collabee still notifies you of the important things like when you’re directly @mentioned or assigned a task.
  • find information without having to remember keywords or filenames. Everyone has been there; stuck because they can’t remember an exact keyword or filename. Sometimes you remember an old task you worked on, a prior event, maybe you’re more of a visual person and you remember an image, or you only remember working on an excel file and can’t quite remember the filename. With collabee’s ‘content tab’ menu, users can search based on the first thing that comes to their mind; and because all content in collabee is connected to its related issue, users can search and find what they’re looking for faster.

A lot of our customers have come to us from using a combination of email, messaging apps, and/or project/task management tools, but have found collabee as the one that they could stick with to handle their main workflow.

Lastly, collabee is free. Collabee is totally during our beta period, which is expected to last until 2017 1Q. After that collabee will remain free for teams up to 30 members.

Collabee is a result of our years of studying workplace communication and we think you’re teams will love using it. We look forward to hearing your feedback and how collabee has helped your teams.