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All-in-One Office Apps: What Features Do You Really Need?

When we were launching Collabio Spaces in late 2020, we researched features that users (and we ourselves) need every day. This allowed us to collect the very necessary features in one app; those which required separate app downloads and payments.

The benefits if our ‘One Space’ approach:

So, let’s get back to the point — what features are must-haves for an all-in-one office suite app?

1. Text and Spreadsheets Editor

It’s hard to imagine an office suite tool without these editors. There may be different formats and designs out there, yet we all process text documents and tables on the daily basis.

Inspired by best practices, we created convenient and intuitive editors to create or import new documents from a device. The functionality includes everything you need to work with documents:

The app supports DOCX, ODT, XLSX, ODS formats, as well as DOC, TXT, XLS, CSV, and can view TIFF files.

2. Real-Time Collaboration

Unlike popular cloud solutions, our app offers a new technology — cloudless collaboration with nearby and remote peers. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for the cloud while co-authoring documents across all macOS and iOS devices.

Here are two types of possible connection:

3. PDF Annotation Tool

Almost all of us have separate PDF readers or editors on our phones. That’s why Collabio built this feature into the app.

Though this is more a reader than an editor, it empowers you to highlight and comment on PDFs in a couple of clicks! According to our pre-release research, these were the most popular features in common PDF editors. And once more, you don’t need a separate app.

4. Mobile Scanner

You’ll be surprised by how useful and necessary this feature is. Especially useful for preparing speeches, presentations or scientific works.

Forget manual typing, automation will save you tons of time. With Collabio, just point the camera at the document, take its photo and wait for the app to confirm it’s ready. Your document is now ready to save or edit.

By the way, in this article, we shared a brief history of scanners from the very beginning in the 1900s! After reading it, we’re sure you’ll need to test how a mobile scanner works in Collabio. ;)

5. E-Signatures

With Collabio Spaces, you’ll save more time and money when you sign documents electronically. We present a fully mobile office, in which you will be able to sign invoices, offers and contracts from anywhere, even without accessing the Internet.
All you need is the app on your mobile device and your finger ready to sign.

Curious about electronic signatures? Look at this piece and discover how much time this technology saves us every year.

6. Document Organisation

Proper organisation is key to increasing productivity. Collabio is designed to help keep your space organized. You can create as many folders as you want, mark documents as favourites, and set a clear hierarchy.

Here are some top tips:

So, these are the main features we, and our users, need every day. What features would you like to see in the app in the future? We are always in search of improvements and welcome all ideas. So, please, drop us a line in the comments.



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