Prospect Like a Pro: Talent Sourcing Strategies to Increase Recruiting ROI

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TL;DR. I’ve launched a new course on Maven! Check it out here.

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Long time, no write!

I’m happy to be back on Medium and re-establishing a new writing schedule. The past four years have been so intense that I took an unexpected break from one of my first loves — writing. The good news is, I’m back and I’m better. Cue the music.

Missy, the G.O.A.T.

The Beat of Learning: Strategies, Frameworks, and Fundamentals

Just as a hip-hop masterpiece relies on tight beats, smooth flows, and slick lyrics, effective talent sourcing depends on a solid foundation of fundamentals, strategies, and frameworks.

As a recruiter turned sourcer turned facilitator, I’ve always been inspired by the musical greats to grow and learn. My first iPod was engraved with the phrase, “Muziki ni maisha,” which means music is life in Swahili. Indeed, music has played a pivotal role in my life and learning.

Some of the earliest albums I can recall singing along to as a kid include Ella Jenkins’ “You’ll Sing a Song and I’ll Sing a Song” and Greg & Steve’s “The World is a Rainbow.” These childhood tunes laid the foundation for my love of both music and learning. As I reflect, music has even shaped my approach to talent sourcing.

Creating Vibes with Maven: A Course That Strikes the Right Chord

Lately, I’ve been learning more about building courses, engaging audiences as a facilitator, and writing better prompts for ChatGPT. Side note: Are you as excited about GPT as I am? Shout out to ChatGPT aka Chatty Cathy, for helping me with this blog.

I have music on my mind because I recently rewrote my professional bio with a musical theme. The inspiration to take my bio from drab to fab came from a course I took on Maven called Build-a-Bio. It was a fun and fascinating 3-week adventure through words and phrases.

Learning with a community of like-minded professionals who also wanted to improve their bios was an amazing energy booster. I enjoyed interacting with other learners through discussion, hands-on practice, and breakout room activities.

Experiencing Maven as a student was vital to me because I wanted to know firsthand what the learners who opt to collaborate with me in the “Prospect like a Pro” cohort would encounter. I wanted to ensure that the technology, tools, and techniques I wanted to share would be supported on the platform. Maven has exceeded my expectations.

Dropping Beats and Talent Sourcing Skills

This is my first cohort as a Maven instructor and I’m overjoyed to invite you to be a part of that experience. In addition to sharing tips from my years at Google, LinkedIn, and GitHub, I will create space for you to share your expertise as well.

Just as a DJ blends tracks to create a seamless mix, I am excited to witness the transformation that will occur as you increase your recruiting ROI and lessen your stress.

Ready to “Prospect Like a Pro?” Sign up for the course today. You’ll be composing masterful sourcing strategies in no time.


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