Blockchain will change Italian society?

Reviewing and compile blockchain industry topic, updating market references and research environment.

Today, we are picking Italian blockchain deployment challenges into public society.

Italian Ministry of Economy has associated the blockchain professionals, filling knowledges and experiences gap between practical arrangement, technical updates each other.

The group is going to identify the areas to be implemented with new technology, not only public adaption but also containing private case studies on the market.

Blockchain and Market Research: Hype or Hope?

According to the GRIT report, 40% of their respondents is familiar with blockchain technology, and looking for real use cases and practices. By all means, getting cleared with technical concept, but it demands more useful references in order to identify completion of technical adaption. Expert needs to enhance this fundamentals up to from hypothesis until improving.

Italian banking association took their leadership for trading on interbank ecosystem. Targeting accelerated payment and enhance transparency of transferring information.

The project called, “Spunta Project”, putting authentication data process, accompany with growing technical updates at banking industry, Fintech -driven market will be pushing decentralized database.

Academic institution is also looking at blockchain potential powers into certification models.

The Italian University in Cagliari will implement blockchain technology owned to produce digital certification. Immutable and non-alternative is beneficial characters the reason to be selected with blockchain.

Confirming background and identify certain information is influential elements to achieve hiring process. Blockchain stored data will be proved with your trustworthy instead of self-convinced.

Italian project is following the European trend and comes out more and more trials in the future.

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