Bond market is going to become decentralized?

Reviewing and compile blockchain industry topic, updating market references and research environment.

Today, we are picking global bond trading market, replacing with new decentralized technology.

Al Hilal Bank has started out the Islamic bond trading process, and successfully completed transaction. ‘Smart Blockchain Islamic Sukuk’, promising project with technology and traditional financial scheme combination.

In order to maintain it safely and keep transparent transaction, blockchain will be integrated among trader concerns and non-human systematic operation establishment.

Ex-Banker team plans to safeguard blockchain keys for trillion dollar markets

From market standpoints, Ledger insights shares comparable data between current volume status in 2017, cryptocurrencies and other financial transactions. It is much larger volumes than currently happens in crypto trading. Digitalized asset needs to extend territories, including derivatives, bonds and equities, push up fundamentals and market liquidity. Bond is second vast accounts subsequent to derivates, however, it takes enormous opportunities for finance traders.

At Russia, National Settlement Depository(NST) and Sberbank, MTS has cooperated bond transaction.

Commercial bond is not on secure environment at current scheme, privately sold on OTC market deals. Disclose limited chances to join the transaction, blockchain technology network broadens circles of investments, by participating transaction system.

Connecting the dots of transaction and composing dynamic network, allows traditional finance schemes to leverages faster and secure circumstances, decentralized verification potentially improve some issues regarding pain-point of primitive models.

In Thailand, Security and Exchange Commission agreed to the operation and transaction.

Thai Bond Market Association(TBMA) is planning to establish “Bond Coin”, swift clearing and settlement system. This new system will be separated three schemes and steps, in order to make real adaption.

This financial platform allows user can access easily, through bond portal, mutually checking between investor and users total sum of depository, and conditions within registrar.

The bond market shifts to digital-driven transaction, in accordance with inconvenient operation system, and technology improvement. Beyond cryptocurrency, traditional finance will be replaced with decentralized manner and enhance total market levels.

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