What has been changing security offering?

Reviewing and compile blockchain industry topic, updating market references and research environment.

Today, we are picking up security token offering update and trial with blockchain technology.

DX.Exchange, Estonia-based Nasdaq-powered digital trading platform, launching security token trading and listing through new service ecosystem. In January, supported various fiat and cryptocurrency trading pairs and tokenized stocks.

This security based offering with existing partnership, Cyprus-regulated broker MPS MarketPlace Securities Ltd., which has thus far enabled the platform’s provision of tokenized stocks and ETFs. In addition, investor needs to be complied with European Union Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II.

Will 2019 be the year of the STO? https://hackernoon.com/will-2019-be-the-year-of-the-sto-understanding-stos-security-tokens-market-potential-over-icos-4d2502227220

According to medium article of Author Syed Shoeb, converting ICO to STO shift in accordance with market condition and secure compliance rule that is regulated by government control. The features, Investments and Trading accounts top number of total shares following technology and financial services entails. Security offering market is necessary to take balances between regulation and flexibilities to launch new service on the market. Until now, the stance of government is shifting toward specific market in accordance with demand generated.

The German Ministry of Finance, recommend blockchain-based securities to be recognized as a legitimate form of financial instrument and regulate. It needs to be settled with specific framework to describe flexible approach.

Since the technology is changing step by step, influence operational advancement, furthermore, it underlying local regulatory stance to drive this movement.

ICON blockchain has added security token specification for third party market player. IRC16 is designed originally standard based on ICON blockchain technology.

This update clears the transparent features, following tokenized process in order to prove KYC and AML procedure, clarifying authentic permission and legally manners.

Security Token is still remaining as higher interest between market and player, that concedes the government reaction to the better or not.

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