How you can improve productivity in your coworking space

As the owner of a coworking space, you want your members to be happy, productive, creative and would like them to return. How to do that? We wrote down some advice to make your coworking space, a productive coworking space!

1. Stimulate interaction and creativity

Create rooms specifically for people that want to brainstorm about ideas or projects or for teams that want to work together in private. This way, they won’t disturb others from working and they have a place where their creativity can flow even more. Hang a whiteboard on the wall for their idea’s. Place a projector to give a presentation and show their team their latest work. Place a water cooler to stay hydrated. Drinking water can help your heart to pump the blood around in your body more effectively. It helps to transport oxygen to your cells, which has the result of a higher productivity. It also helps to think more clear, be more alert, and can concentrate better.

Water helps to transport oxygen to your cells, which results in higher productivity.

2. Create a meditation room

The members of your coworking space will most likely be freelancers. They are passionate about what they are doing. The risk of their passion is that they forget to take a break or some time to their selves. This can result in feelings of stress, concentration problems and in the worst case a burn-out. Meditation improves your cognitive capabilities, increases your immune system, lowers your blood pressure, and helps you think more clear. Create a meditation room for your members so they can give their mind and body a break in complete silence. They can continue with new energy and will be more relaxed. Place flowers and greenery in the room, hang up some hammocks, provide yoga mats and add some big comfy chairs. Make it dark with by using curtains, and sound-free by isolating the room well.

A meditation room can give your coworkings space’s members’ mind and body a break in complete silence

3. Create a healthy working environment

A comfortable and ergonomic working environment is really important. If the desks are not adjusted right, your members will get physical pain. Place desks and chairs with adjustable heights, place some standing desks in the offices, supply laptop stands, and place some lockers so if people want, they can leave their laptop in the locker overnight. With the lockers, your members don’t need to carry their laptop every day to the coworking space. Carrying a heavy laptop and all the accessories can be a heavy ballast for the back. Last but not least: create a lounge area with comfy chairs and couches so your members can sit back and relax for a while. Or just as a change of workspace. Give them the freedom to choose.

Plants and flowers can lower feelings or stress and negativity with 30–60%.

4. Make your coworking space a green coworking space

Place flowers and plants to make people feel happy. The plants won’t only sparkle up your office, it can positively boost productivity. A visual attractive office leads to happier and more healthy members. With less stress, they will show up more often and feel more positive about their working environment. Studies have shown that creativity and productivity improve as much as 15%! Plants also improve the quality of the air and will keep the humidity at a healthy level. You will also improve the acoustics of the room and you will decrease the noise level. Still not impressed? Here are some more facts: plants and flowers can lower feelings or stress and negativity with 30–60%. Feelings of tension and anxiety lower with about 37%. Feelings of anger lower with 44%. And also really important: feeling of tiredness will lower with 38%. Hello, healthy and happy members! Check this list for which plants you should get:

  • The Lemon Balm. The sweet smell of The Lemon Balm will have a positive impact on the mood of your members. The Lemon Balm is fine with being either in the shade or the sun. It does need quite a lot of water though!
  • The Peace Lily. This plant is fine without the sun. Perfect for the office. According to NASA research, it is one of the best plants to improve the indoor air quality.
  • Spider Plant. This plant will help improve the indoor air quality and helps to reduce stress. It will help decrease dust in the air. This will reduce common allergy symptoms.

5. Encourage to play sports

Everybody knows that playing sports is good for your body. But it is also good for your mental health. Exercise gives you energy, which will increase the productivity of your members. They will be more focused, and it helps deal with stress. How about a mini-gym? Place some weights, dumbbells, and yoga mats and add a shower facility. Members don’t have to leave your coworking space for their daily exercise.

Exercise gives you energy, which will increase the productivity of your members.

Can’t provide everything from this list to your members? Don’t worry. Here are some alternatives.

Provide free headphones.

If you can’t provide separate rooms for your members and the only option for them is to work in an open space, provide free headphones. People will feel less negative about the limited space and they won’t get distracted by the sounds of the others working in the same room.

Place some whiteboards in the building

If you can’t make an extra room for people to work together as a team, buy some whiteboards. Place the whiteboards away from the open area, so those working there don’t get distracted or annoyed.

Make sure there is enough tap water

Can’t afford a water cooler? Make sure there are enough taps so people stay hydrated.

Organise meetings about the importance of good ergonomics whilst working

If you can’t provide extra’s like chairs and desks with adjustable heights, standing desks, laptop stands, organise meetings to explain the importance of ergonomics. Stimulate them to buy laptop stands and laptops that are not too heavy. Also encourage them to take breaks every 15–30 minutes, even if it’s just for a stretch.

Encourage your members to take breaks every 15–30 minutes.

Buy some fake plants

It won’t cost you as much as the real deal, they won’t die from too little water and your coworking space is still green.

Organise sports breaks

If you can’t have a shower and gym facility in your coworking space, then organise sports breaks. You can use the events feature in Muun where members can, eg. sign up for a running break on a Tuesday morning or a soccer game on Thursday afternoon. Your members will have fun while they will get to know each other during the activity. Win-win!

Let the productivity begin!

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