A Poem About The Most Wonderful Thing In Life



I’d take you in an array of colors

Though, all right, preferably please not green…

You would be the perfect breakfast snack

If I injected you with some caffeine

I’d take you in an array of sizes

From pyramid or slice or gooey blob

When I’m without you I’m oh so weak

When with you…I’m yours, your sweet chewy slob

I’d take you in any array of smells

Even if you were stinky like a zoo

Only if you were meant to be so though

‘Cause I gots an acquired taste for you 😘

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

I should have been a cheesemonger. (That’s a person who specializes in selling cheese…But I always thought a cheesemonger meant you were like…something like a cheese rascal 😂) oh well — I’ll just have to resort to writing weird poetry about cheese instead! 😂

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