Polymer + IE11 fail: Unable to get property ‘_propertyInfo’

Lately, Internet Explorer 11 users reported that the styling of our application would suddenly “break”: When opening a dialog, all further pages would loose their styling. Scary.

We quickly spotted in the IE11 Dev Console that opening the dialog caused an exception Unable to get property '_propertyInfo' of undefined or null reference. This exception disrupted the further working of the styling.

So far so (not) good. But where did the exception come from in the first place?

After removing one element after the other, we finally narrowed it down to:

<textarea placeholder="[[placeholder]]"></textarea>

We had simply assign the attribute wrongly via = instead of $=! Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge could live with this — but IE11 went bananas.

Assignment fixed, and everything worked again like a charm:

<textarea placeholder$="[[placeholder]]"></textarea>

PS: Our open source component <paper-suggest-textarea> contained the issue. Sorry for that. It’s fixed now.

Happy coding!

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