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Serverless architecture for multi-tenant SaaS

How to break the tradeoff between strong data separation and low cost per tenant

  • Provide separation between tenants. This includes strong data separation as well as flexibility for tenant-specific configuration like SSO, tenant-specific password policies, and the likes.

Pre-serverless architecture

We had the following architecture in place when the need for freemium came up:

  • Business functionality was provided by a fleet of microservices hosted on a Kubernetes cluster
  • Various AWS services provided adjacent functionality, e.g. files were stored S3 and emails sent via SES

Serverless to the rescue

Sooner or later we had to face the facts: Keeping the shared Kubernetes/Kafka clusters would make it increasingly hard to serve enterprise customers. Running separate Kubernetes/Kafka clusters would immediately kill our freemium plans.

  • We store data in DynamoDB instead of Kafka.

Enable freemium with partitions

Moving each tenant into a separate AWS account solved the first part of the puzzle: We can offer strong tenant separation. Yet, the cost per tenant is still way above $0, making it unsuitable for a freemium model.


The change of architecture achieved our two main goals: We can offer much stronger separation to enterprise customers and the marginal cost for freemium tenant is very close to $0.

  • Our system uptime improved because most operational work is now “outsourced” to AWS.



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