The Sangha Feeling

Take only 4 minutes to find out why you need to team up remotely with a marketing team

You are not alone!

Not enough hours in your day? Marketing takes too much effort and yields little results? Loneliness sets in when making decisions? Wish to focus on not-so-many things? Cash-flow issues creep in on your night sleep? We get it!!

Suddenly, being the boss is not as fun and fulfilling as you thought it would be. Like most business owners, you probably have been doing things you don’t like or excel at; because there was no one else available.

It’s time to change strategy.

Let’s be honest here; there’s no way to do it all without getting professional help. Successful people seek a helping, you know? They’ve worked day in and day out on creating a support system that empowers their success.

Being independent or leading your own business doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself! It means that you’re are lucky enough to choose how you want to do it and how you want things to be executed. What do you stand for? What’s your style? What do you expect from others? What impact do you want to achieve?

Yes, it could be a difficult task to find the right people to make it work. But at the end of the day, it’s all about building up your team. What a fantastic opportunity this could be, couldn’t it? And the truth is that if you find more capable professionals to do a job they enjoy while saving you the hassle, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters the most to you, like improving your product or upgrading your logistics plans.

So, team up!

We are a group of entrepreneurs and business owners who know your struggle very well. So please, let us explain what our brand name really means to your business success and why it’s so important to us. You’ll probably agree!

Sangha thinking lies at the core of our values since it originates from the Sanskrit language to refer to a community where people share a spiritual path and grow from accepting each other’s different skill and mind sets. Those differences enrich the group and make it stronger. The community uses this very diversity to enhance the individual.

Let’s sangha up! (ph:

More specifically, our Sangha:

  • is a community where we dedicate ourselves to creating and sustaining an environment that nurtures and supports entrepreneurs, business owners, and SMEs.
  • simultaneously, we also nurture and support freelancers and independent professionals, who unleash their unique potentials to the entire world who can use it.
  • In Sangha, there’s always a leader, but everybody emerges at the end as a knowledgeable teacher and a diligent student at the same time.

What do we pass down to this Sangha

What we bring to this sangha, is our love for marketing, design, entrepreneurship and our passion for trying out new things. We create solutions to help business owners thrive and grow their business. Our motto is to kick out the stress from inescapable marketing action.

Can you see how our proposition is to build a community? We need each other to achieve success. That is the reason why we absolutely love this word! It sounds amazing in every sense, and it fully represents our mindset.
People environment is one of the most important aspects of achieving goals. Growing your business isn’t supposed to be easy, but no hell either. Being and feeling part of a community that has your back is fundamental.

Like a client told us not so long ago: 
It’s important to understand each other and learn to work together.

Go online and get results

The smart move is to start small with what you already have and grow from there. What experience tell us is much better to keep moving slowly but steady than waiting for the perfect scenario to act (there’s never such an ideal situation).


Online marketing it’s always a good and flexible alternative. Why? Data speaks for itself, check this out. According to Google (Google with IPSOS Hong Kong, 2013):

Small companies using digital marketing techniques will have 2,8 better revenue growth expectancy than those who don’t. Therefore, 3.3 times better chances of expanding their workforce and business.

Just a few more things that matter to our Sangha

  • Your customers are the reason for your existence. Without them, you’re nothing. We’re nothing. “The sole purpose of a business is to create a customer”, Peter Drucker stated. The good news is that online marketing makes it easier. Let us be of use in putting them at the core of everything you do.
  • To become an effective sangha, we are going to spend time together. Mostly at the beginning, when we have to get to know each other and learn about your business vision. We dive into your reality with both open heart and mind. We make your cause our very own.
  • Marketing strategy, regardless the specialisation, is never an isolated practice. It’s a methodology to grow and communicate business culture. To discover a way to deliver products and services that the market will reward; to be present, be relevant and add value to other people’s lives. It’s a strategy to change the world. It’s business strategy.
  • There’s no need for fancy offices to deliver our promise. We choose remote collaboration as we find most exciting to meet entrepreneurs and independent professionals all over the world.

Are you sharing somewhat of a sacred space with other like-minded individuals?
We are your sangha, and we are here for you.
#seekSangha today.
Let’s grow your business together!